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Luring in the users through the Zucker Way

  • Meta aims to attract users back to Threads with "retention-driving hooks" by integrating it into Instagram and enhancing app features.
  • It is an American multinational technology based in Menlo Park, California.
  • The company owns and operates FacebookInstagramThreads, and WhatsApp, among other products and services.

Hey, here's the scoop: Meta, you know, the parent company of Instagram, wants to jazz up their app Threads with these "retention-driving hooks." Threads lost a bunch of users since it launched, more than half! So now, they're all about luring users back and getting them excited about the app again.

So, what are these "retention-driving hooks"? They're tricks to make you want to return to Threads and play around with all its cool features. One idea is to show essential Threads to folks using the regular Instagram app. By blending Threads into Instagram better, Meta hopes to get more people hooked on Threads.

The dedication to make it interesting

This move shows how serious Meta is about keeping users happy and fixing Threads' issues. It's normal for new apps to have ups and downs, especially in the competitive social media world. But Meta's not giving up—they're determined to win users back and make Threads awesome.

During a recent conference, Mark Zuckerberg, Meta's CEO, sounded confident about attracting and keeping more users on their platforms. That's a sign that they're working hard to improve Threads and give us reasons to stick around.

These "retention-driving hooks" are standard in the tech world. Lots of companies use tricks to keep us coming back for more. It could be cool recommendations, notifications, rewards, and other stuff that make us feel important and want to use their apps repeatedly.

Meta's focus on improving Threads' retention is part of its plan to stay strong in the social media game. By fixing Threads' problems and adding stuff we love, they want to make us happy and make Threads grow.

Remember, user retention is super crucial for any app or platform. It's not just about having many users—it's how they make money, too, with ads and many other things.

The race between Elon’s and threads is becoming more and more evident to be ignored because Elon recently announced a reward income program for content creators on, and Meta's working hard to make Threads awesome and keep us sticking around. The creator will no doubt benefit from it, so I guess it's all part of their big plan!

Edited by Shruti Thapa