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Librty laying Liberty - A revolutionary gaming experience

• Librty Network aims to revolutionize the gaming industry by combining the concept of leading a peaceful life with video games. They reward players with NFTs, providing economic opportunities in deprived regions.

• Their products include Librty Games, where gamers earn cryptocurrency and unique items, a Smart Wallet that simplifies transactions, and a Librty Dev Kit for game developers.

• Founded by Ram and Revanth, Librty Network seeks to empower players and bridge the wealth gap in esports. With a team of six, they actively engage with their community and constantly expand their features.

Have you ever heard about the very famous, bestseller book - IKIGAI? Yes, the one with a blue cover and a solid black tree and white flowers on it!! Well, if you aren't aware, that book is all about leading a peaceful life that is linked through your body system and self-introspection. The book carries forth the ideology that searching for one’s reason for being is a powerful weapon. 

Imagine this ideology being put into reality but with a twist that you embrace this concept through games!! Funny right? Video Games and Peaceful Life - what a weird combination it sounds!

Well, Librty has listed down the fragments of ikigai to build the backbone and belief of this company. Four major WHs define the WHAT of Librty:

  • What do you love?
  • What are you good at?
  • What is it that the world needs?
  • What is it that you can be paid for?

Well, don’t you all agree that, since we have grown up from playing kabbadi to PS 5, there are some modifications that can be done such that these traditional barriers are broken down?

That's exactly what Librty looks forward to transforming. But how? Simply by rewarding players’ time and skill with NFTs. According to their site (Librty), they are also looking at a bigger picture where they are providing an opportunity to people of regions where there is deprivation in the economy in a matrix-like reality.

It is like an opportunity with sources that enable people to freely express themselves, and access information from which they are being prohibited due to unforeseen circumstances. This not only improves the company’s economic prospects using blockchain technology but also helps the players to feel powerful by providing fungible and non-fungible tokens that represent actual ownership.   

With this idea of expansion, Librty looks forward to coming up with a revolution of satisfying and motivational gaming experiences, such as individual development, self-discovery, and empowerment through its platform. Technically, gaming with ikigai!! I won't lie, it does sound like a dream. 

Main Products of Librty

As complicated and tricky as it seems, Librty is on the mission of achieving it. The three main products offered by them to relish this experience are:

  • Librty Games
  • Smart Wallet
  • Librty Dev Kit

Librty Games is the main branch of Librty through which they are getting near to achieving their goal day by day! In simpler words, it is a platform where gamers can achieve valuable cryptocurrency and unique items by playing their favorite games, While, game developers simply enable web3 commerce tools. (Source: Librty)

It is a step-by-step process:

Step 1 -  Create Librty Wallet or Link a Custodial Wallet to the application

Step 2 -  Discover New Games to play and earn

Step 3 -  Level up to collect more assets thus leading to expansion

Thats it! That's how simple the process is. The fact that you realize that now you can earn money by playing Valorant, evio, Axie Infinity, and many more, makes the application a hundred times cooler! And the news of their expansion under this branch is just the cherry on the cake.

Along with the Librty of choosing and earning, Librty is expanding to tournaments, marketplace, and community where the gamer can truly go big and show off their NFT collections by building community! 

Smart Wallet, the second branch of the start-up is plainly a wallet that solves all the problems. If you are familiar with the system, you know how chaotic the whole process is; in order to integrate wallets such that the digital transaction is successful.

Well, Librty here enables those connections with Metamask, Wallet Connect, Coinbase, and many more wallets (coming soon) across different chains and resolves this issue too. (Source: Librty)

This adds to the checklist of what makes this platform more straightforward and more accessible. Software Development Kit of Librty is truly one hell of a peacemaker! 

Coming next, probably not the last is Librty Dev Kit (LDK) which upholds the fundamental principles of web3: trustless, and permissionless while providing a user-friendly web2 UX for web3 games.

This opens doors for game developers through their resources such as JavaScript and Unity LDK Libraries. The following are the components of LDK that make it a master key as per the startup brief! (Source: Librty )

  • Wallet Connect Software Development Kit
  • Web3 Data Software Development Kit
  • Token Software Development Kit
  • Application Programming Interface (API) Response Stimulation
  • Marketplace Software Development Kit
  • Account Abstraction Wallet Software Development Kit
  • On-ramp Software Development Kit 
Tools for Game Developers by Librty

Now that we know what Librty aims for and provides its users with, it's time to learn the Vikram-Betal of this idea.


Ram and Revanth are the ones who founded this company. Ram, being an aspirant of esports took a dropout from the college and decided to fix the system of esports which is broken and faulty too.

As soon as he realized that in this industry there is excessive control of the game developer, a wealth gap: only 1-3% of esports players & teams with very short-lived success, pivoted to content creation or something else to support themselves, led him to Revanth. Both of them discovered “crypto kitties” with which their idea got a boost and developed their baby ‘Higin’ which is now ‘Librty’ (Source: Librty )

Oh! By the way, fun fact of the day: Gaming started from a Cathode-Ray oscilloscope in a lab by William "Higin" Botham on October 18, 1958, called Tennis for Two. Now we know the origins of ‘Higin.’ 

Librty Network has been active on social media with multiple ranges of facts, launches, teams, esports information, and a lot more. Their roots go deep down to the founder’s interest and his approach to accelerating this industry.

The fact that, even after such successful participation from different layers, they still decided to rebrand themselves and come up with more interesting features and expand their community. I feel it's safe to say that with a team of Six, Librty Network is undoubtedly striking. 

Edited by Shruti Thapa