• Layla introduces an AI-driven travel chatbot, merging Instagram interactions with a dedicated app.
  • Layla collaborates with Booking.com and Skyscanner, adopting a fee-sharing transaction model.
  • Backed by a €3 million seed investment, Layla aims to simplify travel planning through content curation and AI recommendations.

Berlin-based Layla, founded by Jeremy Jauncey of Beautiful Destinations and Saad Saeed of Flink, unveils its AI-driven travel chatbot. Leveraging their social media expertise, Layla aims to transform travel discovery by combining chatbot interactions on Instagram with a dedicated app, offering users rich content, destination suggestions, and streamlined booking options.

Instagram Chatbot as an entry point

With thousands of followers on Instagram, Layla uses the platform as an entry point, allowing users to chat about destinations, explore activities, and receive personalized travel recommendations.

The chatbot seamlessly transitions users to the Layla app, enhancing the travel planning experience with features like list creation, sharing, and in-depth conversations about trips.

Strategic partnerships and revenue model

Layla partners with Booking.com for hotel options and Skyscanner for flights, adopting a fee-sharing transaction model. The startup, backed by a €3 million seed investment led by Firstminute Capital, envisions additional revenue streams, including personalized advertising.

Layla's differentiation lies in content curation and a unique recommendation engine, aiming to simplify the user's journey from inspiration to booking.

Challenges and Investor Perspective

While Layla faces challenges in educating users to pose AI-friendly queries, investors, including Brent Hoberman of Firstminute Capital, are optimistic about the venture's blend of AI-driven answers and proprietary destination videos.

Layla seeks to carve a niche in the competitive travel-tech landscape by providing a distinctive inspiration layer through AI-powered interactions.

Edited by Shruti Thapa