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Kronoscope: A Crystal Ball for Your Inventory Woes

Meet Fountain9, the startup saving the planet, one byte at a time

In the chaotic world of inventory management, where stockouts and excesses play hide-and-seek, Fountain9 emerges as the superhero we never knew we needed. Imagine a world where your inventory magically aligns with demand, reducing waste and losses. Enter Kronoscope, Fountain9's answer to the age-old problem of predicting the unpredictable.

Niki Khokale & Rajas Lonkar: The dynamic duo behind the bytes

Our tale begins with Niki Khokale, a former Google maestro in Head of S&OP, and Rajas Lonkar, the coding wizard with stints at Google and IBM. Together, they birthed Fountain9 in 2020, armed with the mission of tackling food wastage – a problem costing the world 1.3 billion tonnes of food annually. Armed with a vision and a sense of humor, Niki and Rajas set out to revolutionize the inventory game.

Kronoscope: More than just AI, it's your inventory's BFF

Say goodbye to the woes of out-of-stock misery and excess inventory nightmares. Kronoscope, Fountain9's AI engine, steps in as your inventory's best friend forever. It ensures you're stocked just right, saving you from the dreaded 8% to 15% losses that out-of-stock bring.

The catch? You get to calculate your losses with a nifty tool – because who doesn't love a good calculation session?

The inventory balancing act: A tale of stockouts and excess baggage

Nobody likes an empty shelf when demand is sky-high, and Fountain9 gets that. With Kronoscope, stockouts are as rare as a quiet day in a startup office. On the flip side, lugging around excess baggage (read: overstocked inventory) is like dragging a ball and chain, weighing down your bottom line by 20% to 25%.

Fountain9 suggests you calculate that too – after all, math is in, and excess inventory is out.

From Angela Steele to leading retail companies: Fountain9's fan club grows

Don't just take Fountain9's word for it; Angela Steele, Ex-Head of Inventory & Planning at Crowd Cow, hails Fountain9 as a "trusted and reliable partner." Leading retail companies join the chorus, praising Fountain9's ability to reduce out-of-stock losses by a whopping 38%. It seems Fountain9 isn't just saving the day; it's winning hearts in the business world.

Kronoscope's impact: More than just numbers on a screen

But what about the numbers, you ask? Well, Fountain9 doesn't just throw around stats. With Kronoscope, the estimated incremental revenue climbs to new heights, and inventory cost savings become a reality.

Imagine a world where your revenue loss is minimized, and your working capital waste is a thing of the past – Kronoscope's impact isn't just on your screen; it's in your financial success.

Why Fountain9? Because the planet deserves better

In a world where food wastage is a pressing issue, Fountain9 isn't just another startup. It's a team that cares about tomorrow, rolling up its sleeves to save the planet.

With each company it helps, Fountain9 takes a step toward a grander goal – reducing the 1.3 billion tonnes of wasted food. Kronoscope isn't just a tool; it's a weapon against inefficiency and environmental harm.

From Silicon Valley to your warehouse, Fountain9 is changing the game

As Fountain9 moves from the bustling streets of San Francisco to the warehouses and distribution centers around the world, it's not just a startup; it's a movement. Kronoscope isn't just a tool; it's a game-changer. So, the next time you worry about stockouts or excess baggage, remember, that Fountain9 is here, not just to save your inventory but to make the world a little greener, one prediction at a time.

Note: Fountain9 isn't just predicting inventory; it's predicting a future where waste is minimized, revenue soars, and businesses thrive – all with a touch of humor and a lot of heart.

Edited by Shruti Thapa