• Kin.art, co-founded by Flor Ronsmans De Vry, develops a tool to protect art from unauthorized use in model training.
  • The tool is cost-effective, requiring no costly modifications to images, and can be combined with other methods for enhanced protection.
  • The tool is currently free, with artists uploading artwork to Kin.art's platform, guiding them towards the platform's fee-based art commission services.

Kin.art's tool, co-developed by Flor Ronsmans De Vry, who co-founded the art commissions management platform Kin.art, alongside Mai Akiyoshi and Ben Yu. Ronsmans De Vry explained that art-generating models learn the associations between written concepts and images through labeled datasets. 

By disrupting either the image or the associated labels of a piece of art, it becomes more challenging for vendors to use that artwork in model training. Ronsmans De Vry believes that the coexistence of traditional art and generative art in landscape design is a major challenge for the art industry. 

Kin.art's training-defeating tool is considered superior because it doesn't require costly modifications to images. It can also be used in combination with other methods for added protection. 

While the tool is free, artists must upload their artwork to Kin.art's portfolio platform to use it. The intention is to guide artists towards Kin.art's fee-based art commission services. 

However, Ronsmans De Vry also plans to make the tool available to third parties in the future, emphasizing the philanthropic aspect of the effort. The goal is to allow small websites and big platforms to easily protect their data from unauthorized use. 

Edited by Shruti Thapa