• JoinSub: Revolutionizing retail subscriptions, simplifying for small businesses.
  • Founded by Dhruv Goel and Ankur Solanki, a dynamic duo.
  • Empowering merchants, fostering connections, and transforming the subscription economy.

A dash of tech, a pinch of humor - Meet the brains behind JoinSub

Picture this: a techie with a penchant for non-traditional solutions (Dhruv Goel) and a marketing maestro armed with out-of-the-box methods (Ankur Solanki).

Together, they aren't just founders but the dynamic duo behind JoinSub. But before we dive into subscriptions and changing the retail game, let's rewind.

From breast milk to splitting subs - The unconventional prelude

In the pre-JoinSub era, Dhruv and Ankur ventured into the unexpected territory of breast milk management—a seed-funded endeavor, Omadre Medico SL, aimed to revolutionize neonatal units in Spanish hospitals.

Fast forward to the pandemic, and their doors closed, prompting a return to India. Not the ones to back down, they launched Splitsub, a subscription-sharing platform that caught the fancy of the youth.

Because who wouldn't want to share subscriptions and split costs? They are the same people who enjoy complex inventory management.

JoinSub - Where tech meets the everyday retailer's dream

Now, Enter JoinSub. Fueled by funding from industry giants like Y Combinator, Kunal Shah of CRED, and Prabhu Antony of Linus Ventures, JoinSub isn't just an experiential platform; it's a lifeline for small and medium-sized retailers.

ESADE Business School graduates Dhruv and Ankur, armed with their MBAs, noticed the gaps in customer retention for these businesses and made it their mission to fix them. Big companies are quickly taking data from merchants, leaving small firms needing to be more knowledgeable about their orders!

Subscriptions for the masses - The JoinSub way

JoinSub's mission? Empower the backbone of the country - the micro, small, and medium-sized merchants. The idea is simple: help them retain customers, increase revenue, and do it all using the subscription model.

Forget about big corporations snatching your data! We aim to make subscriptions on our platform hassle-free, enjoyable, and filled with fantastic discounts and perks.

Nothing says success, like knowing who your customer is and servicing them better, right? Who needs a price war when you can have a subscription party?

Beyond Subs and Splits - JoinSub's heartfelt mission

JoinSub isn't just another platform; it represents a movement. Their path from managing breast milk to revolutionizing retail may appear unconventional, but it's a logical step in a world that values simplicity and connection.

So, the next time you think about subscriptions, remember JoinSub isn't just about business. It's about people, empowering the small guys, and making retail a little less complicated. Because in the world of JoinSub, subscriptions aren't just transactions; they're relationships waiting to be built.

Note: JoinSub isn't just another startup; it's a beacon of simplicity, laughter, and retail revolution. Dhruv and Ankur aren't just founders but the architects of change in the subscription economy.

Edited by Shruti Thapa