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ITC to become better with Yoga Bar in it’s arsenal

  • ITC partners with Yoga Bar, a leading healthy snacks brand, enhancing its healthy food offerings.
  • Suhasini Sampath, Yoga Bar's co-founder, and COO, played a pivotal role in its success and growth.
  • Yoga Bar's acquisition by ITC bolsters both companies in the health-conscious food market.

ITC, one of India's big-shot companies, just spilled the beans: they're getting Yoga Bar, the cool healthy snacks brand, on their team. 

This move is like a power-up for ITC in the healthy food game, fitting right into their plan of making products that match what folks like us want.

Here's the scoop on the takeover

How is it going to operate: So, ITC's gonna buy the whole Yoga Bar gang, including their parent company Sproutlife Foods Private Limited (SFPL). But it's not gonna happen overnight—it'll take around 3 to 4 years.

Step by Step: This takeover is gonna happen in stages. First, ITC's grabbing a 39.4% slice of SFPL for Rs 175 crore. They're taking it slow and steady.

Money Talk: Nope, the money details aren't out yet. It's all hush-hush for now.

What's the Deal with Yoga Bar? Yoga Bar is all about giving us healthy munchies. They offer nutrition bars, muesli, oats, and cereals. 

People love their goodies, and they have become a big name in the healthy food world.

ITC acquired Yoga Bar

Why did ITC come up with this collaboration?

They wanna stock up on products that we all want. They're really into healthy foods and they're ready to grow even more. With Yoga Bar joining the gang, ITC's gonna be a big deal in the healthy food game. They'll shine even brighter in the 'Good for You' world. 

This move's gonna help Yoga Bar too. They can use ITC's superpowers in sales, making products, and getting stuff out there. They're teaming up for success!

Everybody's excited about this. Hemant Malik, the big cheese of ITC's foods division, says this is a major step for ITC in the healthy food space. Yoga Bar's founders, Suhasini Sampath Kumar and Anindita Sampath Kumar, are stoked too. They know this is gonna make Yoga Bar even more awesome.

Suhasini Sampath - COO and Co-Founder of Yoga Bar

Suhasini Sampath and her role at Yoga Bar

Now meet the visionary who made it possible for a homegrown fitness bar brand to be part of our daily life like a charm. Suhasini Sampath, the brains behind Yoga Bar, a super popular healthy snacks brand. She teamed up with her sister, Anindita Sampath, and together, they brought healthy snacking to India before it was even cool. 

Co-founder Extraordinaire: Suhasini is one of the masterminds who founded Yoga Bar.  She's the reason why the brand is so awesome and successful. Suhasini and her sister have made some bold moves that really paid off for Yoga Bar. These smart decisions helped the brand become a big shot in the world of healthy food. 

Suhasini isn't just a co-founder—she's also the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Yoga Bar. That means she's the boss in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly every single day. 

Making a Mark

They've made sure people know it's a top player in healthy foods with cool products. Suhasini and her sister aim to give health-conscious folks like you the best snacks out there. They're all over the place and have built a bunch of fans who just can't get enough.

Edited by Shruti Thapa