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Instagram Unleashes AI-Powered Custom Stickers for Reels and Stories

  • Instagram introduces custom sticker creation using Meta's AI model 'Segment Anything' for Reels and Stories.
  • The tool offers a seamless experience, automatically highlighting subjects with manual customization options.
  • Instagram enhances content creation with undo/redo for Reels, advanced editing tools, and diverse creative options.

Driven by machine learning, the tool seamlessly enables users to cut out objects from photos or videos, offering a dynamic and personalized sticker creation experience. This innovation aligns with Instagram's ongoing efforts to enhance creative expression on the platform.

User-friendly interface and manual editing options

The AI-driven sticker creation process is user-friendly, automatically highlighting the subject within an image. Users can opt for manual adjustments if needed, ensuring customization to their liking.

The feature sits under a new "Create" option, enhancing the sticker search entry box and providing a seamless experience for users exploring new creative possibilities.

Comprehensive creator updates

This release accompanies several creator-focused updates, including undo and redo features for Reels, advanced editing tools, a Media Clip hub for meme creation, and an unexpected return of new photo filters for Posts.

The latest features aim to empower creators with versatile tools, fostering innovation and engagement within the Instagram community. Users can expect the rollout of these updates, ensuring a richer and more interactive content creation experience.

Edited by Shruti Thapa