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HyperPad: Code-Free App Creation

HyperPad for iPad: A code-free platform for creating media-rich interactive apps and games effortlessly.

• Inclusive and diverse: HyperPad prides itself on being an inclusive platform, inviting dreamers, players, and creators from all backgrounds.

• Simplifying app creation: HyperPad is working on eliminating the need for a Mac, focusing on making app creation accessible to all.

Coding often feels like a secret language. Many creatives feel restricted due to their lack of knowledge in coding. HyperPad is here for all of you who can resonate. It's for those who dream of creating mobile apps but haven't mastered the art of code. Imagine crafting media-rich interactive apps or even mobile games without typing a single line of code. HyperPad for iPad is not just a tool; it's an open invitation to effortless app creation.

Unleash your creativity without code

HyperPad is not your run-of-the-mill app development platform. It's a powerhouse that empowers non-technical enthusiasts to weave their ideas into reality. Whether you fancy designing mobile games, media-rich books, prototypes, or more, HyperPad is here to turn your visions into interactive wonders with a seamless, code-free approach.

From assets to apps: No coding required

Importing assets has never been this easy. HyperPad allows you to pull in visuals from tools like Photoshop, including images, animations, fonts, and audio formats. What's the secret sauce? Visual behaviors. Instead of diving into the complexities of coding, HyperPad introduces the concept of behaviors that bring your assets to life. It's about creating a flowchart of your app's logic without deciphering lines of code.

Monetize your creations

Yup, you read that right. With HyperPad, you can turn your passion into profit. Monetize your app by selling it in the App Store or seamlessly integrate ads to generate revenue. HyperPad goes a step further by allowing you to export your creation to XCode, enabling you to execute custom Swift and Objective C code for App Store projects.

Collaboration and recognition

The HyperPad community isn't just a user base; it's a hub of collaboration, feedback, and recognition. Share your projects, get valuable insights, and collaborate with fellow creators from around the globe. HyperPad is a community-driven space.

Your creative playground

The HyperPad editor is not your typical workspace. It's a playground where you import graphics, sounds, and fonts effortlessly. The drag-and-drop interface lets you piece together scenes with layers, customize attributes, and experiment with features like HTTP requests, real-time sockets, particle editors, and more. With a myriad of features (at least 500!), HyperPad ensures that your creative journey knows no bounds.

One purchase, endless possibilities

HyperPad follows a user-friendly pricing model. One purchase, no subscriptions, no in-app purchases—just a flat fee of $14.99. Once you acquire HyperPad, you own everything you create. The only request? Let them showcase your projects and share your screenshots to inspire others.

The future of app creation: Simplified

HyperPad acknowledges that not everyone has a Mac or wants to delve into XCode intricacies. While a Mac is currently a requirement for submitting apps to Apple, HyperPad is working on a solution to eliminate this constraint, making app creation even more accessible.

With HyperPad, we can go code-free! There's no need to shelf your ideas anymore. So, why wait? Let HyperPad turn your ideas into a beautiful app for everyone to enjoy.

Edited by Shruti Thapa