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  • launches Generative AI Accelerator program.
  • Generative AI enhances social impact efforts.
  • Growing interest and initiatives in nonprofit AI, increase in nonprofit AI startups and applications. is launching the Accelerator: Generative AI, a new program that supports nonprofit organizations developing tech that leverages generative AI. The event will be funded by $20 million and will involve 21 non-profit organizations, such as and the World Bank. 

According to Annie Levine, Global Media Director at, generative AI can help social impact teams be more efficient, creative, and effective in serving their communities. subscribers said AI helps them achieve their goals at one-third at about half the cost. 

The PwrdBy survey found that 73% of nonprofits believe AI innovation aligns with their mission and 75% believe AI makes their lives easier, especially in areas like donor classification, and back office work they do regular, "mission-driven" initiatives but want to build their own AI solutions or third parties.

There are still major hurdles for nonprofits looking to acquire resources, such as cost, materials, and time Levine said in the blog post that many nonprofits believe generative AI can be useful, although many aren’t using it right away due to barriers. 

These barriers include a lack of resources, awareness, training, and funding. On a positive note, there’s an increase in nonprofit AI startups. Fast Forward reported that more than a third of the latest applicants are interested in AI.

In addition, Crunchbase noted that many nonprofits around the world are focusing on appropriate AI techniques, such as AlgorithmWatch, JoyEducation, and Earth0.

Edited by Shruti Thapa