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A for Antwalk - Going Beyond Traditional EdTech

  • With capital raised in 2021, Antwalk planned to strengthen its Learning Experience Platform (LXP) using gamification.
  • These programs are created for continuous learning, providing employees with the skills needed to thrive in their ever-evolving roles.
  • Their most recent endeavor is a virtual book“Leadership Has No Gender: Unscripted Leadership Stories”.

Antwalk is a Bangalore-based company that was founded in 2019 by former McKinsey consultants, ex-bankers, and former educators—Joybroto Ganguly, Basav Nagur, Sriramkumar Sundararaman, Sumit Gupta, and Sudhanshu Shekhar.

Their mission is to alter the way businesses develop their talent.

Meeting the Unique Needs of Every Organization

Antwalk's customizes its programs to each organization's specific needs. Focusing on the concept of continuous learning, Its lessons are not a one-stop solution to its customers.

“The name ‘AntWalk’ was inspired by the way ants communicate and share intelligence when they walk, reflecting the act of ‘collaborative social learning...” Joybroto Ganguly, cofounder and CEO of AntWalk said.

With programs ranging across sectors such as IT, banking, finance, and more, the Antwalk experience is a blend of collaboration and mentorship. They also boast an impressive network of over 4,000 industry experts from more than 500 brands.

With attention spans dwindling nowadays, Antwalk's mentors strive to combine different learning methods to keep the process engaging and interactive.

Mentors, from globally renowned firms, share their real-world experiences and industry-relevant content through live group sessions encouraging peer-to-peer interactions, 1:1 coaching providing direction and support, and content in gamified form, adding a fun element and keeping learners motivated.

This teaching method guarantees that the learning is practical and directly suitable to their daily challenges as employees.

Antwalk successfully raised $7.5 million in a Series A round led by GSV Ventures 2021. The round included the participation of accelerator Y Combinator and Antwalk's existing investor Matrix Partners India.

AntWalk's vision is to nurture a collaborative learning environment, mirroring the way ants work together as a collective.

AntWalk-ing towards equality

AntWalk's recent radical initiative - "Leadership Has No Gender: Unscripted Leadership Stories", is a virtual book that celebrates the journeys of 40 women leaders who have redefined leadership through their courage and resilience.

Some of the notable figures that have contributed to this book are, Anuradha Bhatia (Standard Chartered), Rekha (Microsoft India), Suman Mishra, MD and CEO of Mahindra Last Mile Mobile Mobility, and more.

Source: The Print
"Each story serves as a testament to the changing landscape of leadership," says Neha Tripathi, Strategic Partnership & Program Director at AntWalk.

"Leadership Has No Gender" is not just another inspirational book but a movement toward an equal society, where there is no longer any gap between gender.

This book not only celebrates women's accomplishments but also enlightens future generations.

Edited By Annette George