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  • Blockchain and cryptocurrency start-ups attracted $2.49 billion in Q2, 2024.
  • Bitcoin ETFs and staking developments contribute to sector expansion.
  • Seed-stage start-ups receive significant funding, while later-stage companies lag.

Start-ups related to blockchain and cryptocurrency drew as much as $2.49 billion. Investment in VC for Q2, 2024- deals from Q1 increased by 68% at 603 deals, and funding was raised as well.

This expansion, however, is contributed by various aspects such as the innovative Bitcoin ETFs, which are still under construction, as well as the increasing development of staking and Bitcoin layer two networks together with that of the macroeconomic equilibrium.

Although Bitcoin prices were on the rise, cryptocurrency still stagnated across the board while VCs bulked up their portfolios in other areas.

Among them was that a considerable portion of these resources was concentrated in the seed-stage start-ups.

At the same time, the later-stage companies received comparatively less funding from the rest of the larger venture teams. 

Infrastructure, Web3, and trading provided the sectors most attractive, with the US securely occupying the central role in investments, deals value, and funds.

With nations like Singapore, the UK, Switzerland, and Hong Kong, there was active participation in raising crypto financing.

Edited By Annette George