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From Proposals to Payments - The All-in-One Platform, Cone

  • Cone goes beyond a finance tool, offering exceptional service, project automation, and automated invoicing for a seamless financial experience.
  • Revolutionizing SMB finance with a unified platform, Cone simplifies proposals, projects, and payments, streamlining workflow and boosting efficiency.
  • Founded by Bharath Kumar Reddy and Jahangir Mohammed

Cone stands out as a leading force in the fast-paced realm of finance and accounting for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs). With its innovative approach, Cone simplifies and harmonizes the world of financial management. Jahangir Mohammed and Bharath Kumar Reddy founded this remarkable platform in 2022, and it has rapidly become the ultimate destination for all finance and accounting requirements.

Meet the Movers and Shakers

Jahangir Mohammed, co-founder of Cone, brings a wealth of experience from his previous venture, Joveo - a platform renowned for finding the most qualified hires globally. With a background spanning technical and product leadership, Jahangir's insights drive Cone's vision.

Bharath Kumar Reddy, another co-founder, is no stranger to success. Having led the engineering team at Rialtic and co-founded, Bharath's expertise fuels Cone's commitment to excellence.

Cone's All-In-One Approach

Cone isn't your typical finance platform. It's a purpose-built solution catering to Accounting, Legal, Marketing, Freelancers, and more. Imagine a platform that seamlessly integrates impressive proposals, exceptional customer service, streamlined projects, and automated invoicing, all in one unified workflow. Cone is not just a tool; it's an experience that replaces multiple products, bringing efficiency and substantial savings.

Why Choose Cone?

1. No More Software Fatigue

Say goodbye to juggling multiple apps. Cone is the antidote to software fatigue. It consolidates Proposal software, Document Management System, Forms, Project Management System, Time software, Billing, Invoicing, and more into a cohesive, user-friendly solution. Streamline your workflow effortlessly and say hello to simplicity.

2. Exceptional Customer Service

Elevate your client experience with Cone's modern, branded client portal. It goes beyond mere functionality, enhancing collaboration, and visibility, and building stronger client relationships. Cone understands that exceptional service is the key to lasting success.

3. Projects on Auto-Pilot

Experience ease of projects on auto-pilot with Cone's streamlined project management and workflow automation. Manage your team's day-to-day capacity, track time, and avoid scope creep. With Cone, delivering projects on time and profitably becomes second nature.

4. Never Deliver a Project in Loss

Bid farewell to project losses. Cone empowers you to manage your team's daily capacity effectively, track time, and steer clear of scope creep. Delivering projects on time and profitably is no longer a challenge.

5. Automated Invoicing Excellence

Manual invoicing is a relic of the past. Cone automates the invoicing process, ensuring you never miss an invoice again. Regardless of your billing schedules, Cone is your reliable partner in invoicing on time, every time.

Cone - Where Efficiency Meets Excellence

As we wrap up our rendezvous with Cone, it's clear: this isn't just a finance tool; it's the Batman to your Gotham City of accounting woes. Say goodbye to the exhausting juggle of multiple apps; Cone swoops in to simplify your financial life with proposals, projects, and payments all in one caped crusader of a platform. Your financial success story starts here.

Edited by Shruti Thapa