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FlyCode Shaking Up Subscription Revenue Management

FlyCode, a Boston-based startup, is using AI to tackle payment failures in subscription businesses. With personalized dunning and smart payment retries, they're helping merchants recover revenue and reduce churn.

  • FlyCode, founded in 2021, aims to prevent revenue loss for subscription businesses by employing smart AI solutions.
  • It offers Smart Payment Retries, Personalized Dunning, and continuous AI learning for revenue optimization.
  • It transforms revenue handling with AI, fixing payment failures and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Imagine you're running a subscription-based business, and suddenly, a bunch of your customers' payments fail, leading to lost revenue. It's a nightmare, right?

Well, that's where FlyCode swoops in to save the day. Founded by Tzachi, Etai, and Jake in 2021, this Boston-based startup is all about using smart AI to handle payment failures and boost revenue for subscription merchants.

Mission and Founding Story:

FlyCode's mission is crystal clear: to stop subscription businesses from losing money due to payment failures.

The founders realized that most businesses face this issue, so they decided to create a solution.

They dug deep into the world of payments and devised a unique AI model customized for each merchant and their customers.

Features and Unique Selling Points:

What makes FlyCode stand out?

Smart Payment Retries: FlyCode knows the perfect time to retry a payment, which increases the chances of it going through.

Personalized Dunning: With this distinctive feature that segments customers and personalizes payment reminders, businesses can recover more revenue.

Always Learning: FlyCode's AI is always learning from payment data, making sure businesses don't miss out on revenue.

What Makes FlyCode Noteworthy?

Think about it like this: FlyCode isn't just fixing payment failures; they're revolutionizing how businesses manage their revenue.

By using AI to optimize payments, they're helping businesses make more money and keep their customers happy. It's a win-win!

With its innovative approach and commitment to maximizing revenue, FlyCode is proving that when it comes to subscription management, the sky's the limit.

Edited By Annette George