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Flipboard Shifts Focus to Decentralized Social Web, Suspends Twitter Activity

  • Flipboard redirects focus to the decentralized social web, citing concerns about Twitter's moderation policies.
  • Flipboard integrates with Mastodon and Bluesky, setting up its Mastodon server and community.
  • Flipboard CEO Mike McCue launches "Dot Social" podcast exploring decentralized social media's societal, cultural, and technical aspects.

Flipboard, the social magazine app, redirects its focus from Twitter to the decentralized social web, embracing platforms like Mastodon. The company suspended its Twitter activity, expressing the importance of aligning with platforms that share its values for advancing trusted journalism and quality information. 

Flipboard cited concerns about changes in Twitter's moderation policies, which led to an increase in harmful rhetoric and hate speech, as a reason for its shift to the decentralized social web.

Mastodon and Bluesky Integration

In response to Twitter's changes and Elon Musk's acquisition, Flipboard integrated with Mastodon and Bluesky and set up its own Mastodon server and community. The company commits to maintaining its X accounts for brand protection purposes. It emphasizes that its community and support teams will be active on Mastodon, fostering engagement in the decentralized social space.

Dot Social podcast explores the decentralized social web

Flipboard CEO Mike McCue launches "Dot Social," a podcast diving into the decentralized social web's societal, cultural, and technical aspects. The podcast features industry leaders and experts discussing the evolution and implications of decentralized social media, contributing to the broader conversation about the future of online interactions and information dissemination.

Edited by Shruti Thapa