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Evidence: Cracking the Code for Data Magic!

  • Evidence's BI Magic: Open-source brilliance, replacing drag-and-drop with SQL elegance.
  • Dynamic Duo: Adam McAskill and Sean Hughes, the visionary founders with a data science background.
  • Game-Changing Star: Evidence's open-source web framework – the modern, user-friendly BI alternative.

Meet Evidence, the game-changer in the world of Business Intelligence (BI). Founded in 2021 by the dynamic duo Adam McAskill and Sean Hughes in the cool vibes of Toronto, this company is rewriting the BI script with its open-source, code-based wizardry.

In this blog, we'll dive into why Evidence is the BI superhero we've been waiting for, get to know its brilliant founders, peek into its star product, and revel in some success tales.

Why Evidence rocks the BI Universe:

Ever felt stuck in the drag-and-drop BI tool maze? Evidence heard your cries for freedom. It's your open-source ticket to BI brilliance, swapping drag-and-drop headaches for the elegance of SQL and markdown. Now, analysts can whip up polished data products effortlessly. Say goodbye to the clunkiness; Evidence is all about style and substance.

The brainiacs behind the magic:

Enter the brains of the operation – Adam McAskill and Sean Hughes. These visionaries, with five years of data science wizardry at a leading financial firm, decided it was time for a BI revolution.

Evidence is their brainchild, born from a passion for user-friendly BI tools and a drive to make data analysis a breeze.

Facing the BI Titans:

In the red corner, are traditional BI tools; in the blue corner is Evidence. While the competition dabbles in drag-and-drop basics, Evidence stands tall with its focus on data visualization and analytics. It's the David among Goliaths, armed with open-source glory and a code-based approach that's smoother than a jazz melody.

Evidence's star player: The open-source web framework:

Behold Evidence's shining star – the open-source web framework crafted for data analysts. No more grappling with alien tools; analysts can now wield SQL and markdown like a magic wand.

It's the modern, user-friendly BI alternative, offering high-quality graphics and visualizations that were once the exclusive domain of data science giants.

Cheers for Evidence – The rising star:

Evidence isn't just a BI company; it's a star on the rise. Backed by Silicon Valley's venture capital heavyweights and tech titans, Evidence is making waves. Users are singing its praises, spotted on Product Hunt where it's stealing the spotlight for its groundbreaking BI approach. The word on the street? Evidence is changing the game.

Evidence: Where code meets BI brilliance:

Evidence isn't your average BI player; it's the cool kid on the block, turning BI into a code-based masterpiece. Adam McAskill and Sean Hughes are the architects, and their open-source web framework is the magic wand. With a focus on data visualization, and analytics, and a commitment to keeping it open-source, Evidence is the rising star in the competitive BI galaxy. Brace yourselves – the BI revolution has begun! 

Edited by Shruti Thapa