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eSight - making our future more inclusive

eSight, a groundbreaking vision enhancement system, empowers those with visual impairments.

• It uses AR and adapts to individual needs but comes at a high cost.

• Nonetheless, it's a beacon of hope for a more inclusive and brighter future.

In this world where we are constantly moving towards the goal of making the concept of utopia a reality, such aspirations can never become reality without including the people of all nature, and that’s a goal that poses a bigger threat to society. We will never be able to achieve a utopian society with the exclusion of people with different needs. 

Technology is what advances with the speed of light and shows the development of society on the surface level, and it’s directly connected to the education of society.

How the people are emphasizing the system and how the emphasis on different user groups shows inclusiveness. A really good invention is the eSight system. It's something you wear to help people with vision problems see better.

In this essay, we're going to look closely at the eSight system and analyze what the eSight system provides to people, what things are working for them and what needs to be fixed, why it's unique.

When we look at the eSight system, we can learn how technology plays an important part in making the concept of inclusivity more prominent and helping everyone.

Key Features

The eSight system is built for people who are visually impaired so they can live in the world without feeling restricted in any way. 


•Built-in trackpad for touch vision controls like zoom and contrast.

•Helps in the conditions like macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and Stargardt's disease.

•Allows adjustments according to specific visual needs.

Control Options

•Control via wireless remote controller or mobile device.

•Easy navigation and interaction with the device.

Visual Acuity

•Designed for optimal visual acuity for individuals with visual impairments.

•Enhances visual clarity and detail.

•Benefits various eye conditions, including cone-rod dystrophy and macular dystrophy.


•Offers 14-times zoom feature.

•Magnifies objects or text for better visibility and readability.

•It is particularly helpful for conditions like macular degeneration.

Image Contrast Enhancement

•Enhances image contrast.

•Benefits conditions affecting contrast sensitivity.

•Improves object and detail distinction.

Reverse Color Display

•Displays images in reverse colors.

•Useful for conditions like color blindness.

•Enhances color perception and differentiation.

User Feedback

Many individuals have shared their affirmative experiences, attesting to enhanced quality of life since embracing this technology. eSight has empowered users to engage in tasks that once posed challenges or seemed impossible, such as reading, facial recognition, and navigating unfamiliar surroundings.

The system's capability to reinstate a sense of independence and self-reliance has garnered appreciation, enabling more active participation in day-to-day pursuits.


Better Visual Experience: The eSight system makes sure to provide users with quick feedback. This helps them connect more with what's around them, making their senses feel even more complete.

Help with Learning and Work: One big plus is how eSight can make education and jobs easier. People with sight problems can now get information and do things that were tough before. This boost gives them better chances to learn and be part of workplaces.

Changeable for Everyone: eSight is really adaptable. It changes itself to fit each person's needs, which is pretty impressive. This way, it can help different kinds of sight problems and make things better for each person.

You Decide How It Looks: The system can be changed to suit what each person wants. You can adjust how bright things are or how different they look. This makes sure it's easy for you to see things just the way you like.

Include Everyone: eSight focuses on making things better for each person. It helps everyone join in and enjoy what's around them, even if they can't see like others can.

Cool Technology: eSight shows how super cool technology can help people with difficulties. It teaches us that we can use amazing ideas to make things easier for those who need help. This makes us want to make even more helpful stuff for them in the future.


High Cost: eSight is quite expensive, so it cannot be affordable for all.

Not for Everyone: Even though it helps improve vision, it might not work the same for everyone who has vision problems.

Still Hard for Some: People with really bad vision might still find things difficult, even with eSight's help.

Tech Problems: Since eSight uses technology, it can sometimes have problems or stop working properly.

Power and Glitches: If something goes wrong with the technology, eSight might not work until it's fixed.

Needs Electricity: eSight needs electricity to work, so if the power goes out, it won't work either.

Smart ideas and what we learned

The eSight system has come up with some really smart ways to help people. One cool thing is how it uses augmented reality (AR) to make things even better. It puts extra visual info on what you're seeing, making it feel like you're interacting with the world in a new way.

This isn't just about making things look better – it's about making them interactive and exciting. Also, the system gets smarter with the help of computers and learning programs.

It keeps getting better at helping you, based on what you like and how you use it. This shows how people who make eSight are thinking about the future and using the latest technology.

Lessons and where it can help

The people who made eSight learned important things along the way. They saw how helpful it is when experts in different fields work together. People who know about technology, and health, and those with sight problems joined forces to create something that works really well.

They made sure it wasn't just a fancy idea, but something that truly helps. Another thing they realized is that making things affordable is key. Not everyone can pay a lot for such technology. So, they're thinking of ways to make it more affordable, like working with governments or organizations that want to help.

Looking ahead

The success of eSight gives great ideas for making more helpful things. The idea of customizing stuff to each person's needs, making it adaptable and easy to use – this can be done for other things too.

Like stuff that helps with hearing or thinking. eSight also reminds us how important technology is in bringing everyone together. More research and money should go into this kind of technology to help even more people.

eSight is a wonderful example of how technology can make life better for people who can't see well. It has features that users told the makers about, both good and not-so-good. It's also a good lesson about how we can keep learning and improving.

Even though there are still some problems to solve, like making it affordable, eSight gives us hope that the future will be more inclusive and brighter for everyone, no matter how well they can see.

Edited by Shruti Thapa