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Entvin: Revolutionizing Chemical Sourcing

Entvin, co-founded by 3 graduates from IIT Bombay, revolutionizes chemical sourcing with a digital platform for efficient supplier discovery.

• The platform addresses challenges in traditional methods.

• Entvin focuses on customization and efficiency, offering a strategic advantage in the industry.

Unlocking global chemical trade effortlessly with Entvin

In the realm of chemical procurement, Entvin is rewriting the rules with its pioneering digital platform. Co-founded by Sanskar Jain, Kshitij Jain, and Hemant Phalak, Entvin promises a shift in sourcing teams. It will offer a seamless avenue to explore and connect with fresh chemical suppliers from Asia.

Meet the visionaries behind Entvin

Sanskar Jain is the CEO of Entvin. He brings his expertise from leading Growth & Strategy at andMe, a D2C brand acquired by GlobalBees.

Kshitij Jain contributes a tech-driven perspective to Entvin's journey. He has a B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Bombay. Later on, he was a founding team member at Mastree, an Ed-Tech startup acquired by Unacademy.

Hemant Phalak, the CPO, adds a touch of financial acumen. He was previously a founding team member at Zolve, a cross-border fintech startup with a background as an Associate in the technology consulting practice.

Entvin's voyage into the chemical realm

Entvin is the brainchild of these visionary founders. It is a digital platform that revolutionizes the way sourcing and procurement teams discover new chemical suppliers from Asia.

Entvin has a comprehensive database boasting over 100k global chemical and pharmaceutical companies. With that, it simplifies the complex process of finding reliable suppliers.

Why the need for Entvin? Unraveling the chemical conundrum

The chemical industry plays a pivotal role. It has over 96% of all manufactured goods that are directly influenced by it, as per the American Chemistry Council. The global chemical cross-border trade amounts to a staggering $1,096 billion. This highlights the significance of a robust and diversified supply chain.

Traditional methods of discovering chemical suppliers faced numerous challenges. The lack of a centralized and trustworthy source makes it hard, leading to dependencies on intermediaries.

Entvin's innovative solution

Entvin steps in as a comprehensive solution to the challenges faced by sourcing teams. The platform offers a vast database. All are presented in a single dashboard.

Effortlessly searching for suppliers by chemical name or CAS number, narrowing down searches by country or region, and tailoring searches by registration type. Entvin provides an unparalleled level of customization.

Unlocking efficiency with Entvin

When companies turn to Entvin, they unlock a world of efficiency in discovering suppliers. The platform provides detailed supplier information. This includes manufacturing registrations, plant capacity, revenue, and export history. Staying informed on price trends becomes easy.

Entvin's offering goes beyond supplier discovery. Companies gain access to an extensive database of chemical synthesis routes. This helps them uncover new product applications and explore diverse chemical routes of synthesis.

The Entvin advantage

Entvin is a strategic partner for sourcing teams navigating the complexities of the chemical industry. The founders' collective expertise and the platform's innovative approach are key. Entvin is an important player in reshaping how chemical sourcing is approached globally.

In a world where innovation is key, Entvin stands out. It simplifies the chemical sourcing process. The startup also paves the way for a more interconnected and efficient future in the chemical trade.

As the chemical industry continues to evolve, Entvin emerges as a beacon of innovation. The platform has the ability to integrate diverse functionalities. In addition, it provides a user-friendly experience. This marks a significant stride in the digital transformation of chemical sourcing.

Edited by Shruti Thapa