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  • Aligned Layer raises $20 million in Series A funding for Ethereum verification protocol.
  • Hack VC leads the investment round, with contributions from DAO5, Nomad Capital, and others.
  • ZK proofs on Ethereum blockchain to become faster and cheaper with Aligned Layer's technology.

A verification protocol of Ethereum that is called Aligned Layer has raised $20 million in Series A funding. With this fund, ZK proofs on the Ethereum blockchain will be sped up and cheaper.

Hack VC was the lead investor, bringing contributions from organizations like DAO5, L2Iterative, Nomad Capital, Finality Cap, Symbolic VC, and Theta Capital.

ZK proofs are protocols that verify the facts of a statement to one party without giving out any secondary information.

Aligned Layer plans to facilitate code verification, thus contributing to eliminating bottlenecks during proofing and decreasing costs involved in developing Ethereum apps on top of ZK proofs.

The Aligned Layer runs as an "actively validated service" (AVS) inside the EigenLayer crypto project.

EigenLayer puts forward the concept of "restacking whereby ether "ETH" provides security for the primary blockchain and is also available for securing other chains.

Eigen Labs, the developer behind Aligned Layer, recently got much attention as they secured a significant investment round of $100 million led by crypto VC giant a16z in February.

Edited by Shruti Thapa