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eFOLDi's Journey of Pioneering Mobility

Explore the inspiring journey of eFOLDi, a mobility startup founded by Sumi Wang, driven by a father's invention and a daughter's determination. From the creation of the first eFOLDi scooter to winning the British Invention of the Year, eFOLDi has redefined personal mobility.

  • Founded by Sumi Wang and inspired by her father Jianmin Wang’s accident, leading to the creation of the foldable eFOLDi scooter in 2013.
  • Won British Invention of the Year in 2016; praised by Sir Richard Branson at the VOOM Awards; launched successful models like eFOLDi Lite.
  • Partnered with UK Government for airport staff training in 2023; introduced smart packaging for retailers.

In the realm of mobility solutions, eFOLDi emerges as a trailblazer, transforming lives with its innovative designs.

Founded by Sumi Wang, eFOLDi embodies the spirit of overcoming obstacles and pushing boundaries, offering a beacon of hope and freedom for those with reduced mobility.

A Story of Necessity and Invention

A brilliant inventor, Jianmin Wang, found himself dissatisfied with the bulky and uncomfortable mobility scooters on the market, after an unfortunate accident in 2012,

Rather than accepting this, Jianmin channels his frustration into creativity, sketching a design that would redefine personal mobility.

This was the birth of the eFOLDi scooter, a lightweight, foldable scooter that combined safety and comfort, giving him the freedom and fun he desired.

Fast forward to 2013, Jianmin's daughter, Sumi Wang, faces a health crisis of her own. This turning point inspires her to leave a successful career at Queen Mary University of London and join forces with her father.

Together, they embarked on a mission to bring the eFOLDi scooter to life, founding SunTech UK Ltd.

Their goal was to create innovative products that enhance the quality of life, symbolizing freedom, friendship, and fun.

Building Momentum: Key Milestones

The journey of eFOLDi is marked by pivotal milestones that showcase its rise. In April 2013, the first eFOLDi scooter was invented, setting a new standard in mobility solutions.

By February 2015, Sumi had fully committed to the business, establishing UK operations and dedicating herself to this venture.

The breakthrough came in March 2016 when the eFOLDi scooter won the prestigious British Invention of the Year, capturing the attention of industry leaders and investors alike.

Source: eFoldi

Their success continued to snowball. In July 2016, a stellar presentation at the VOOM Awards led to Sir Richard Branson praising the eFOLDi as "folding magic" and securing vital seed funding from Virgin Media.

The eFOLDi MK1.0 launched in February 2017, followed by the even more successful MK1.5 in August 2018.

Source: eFoldi

The eFOLDi Lite, launched in July 2020, set a new benchmark with its ultra-lightweight design, weighing just 15 kg.

Source: eFoldi

Innovations and Collaborations

eFOLDi's innovative spirit shines through in their latest developments.

In April 2024, the eFOLDi Lite scooped the 'Best-In-Show' award at NAIDEX 2024, solidifying its reputation for quality and innovation.

Furthermore, in July 2023, eFOLDi collaborated with the UK Government on a training initiative to ensure the safe handling of mobility equipment by airport ground staff, demonstrating their commitment to enhancing travel experiences for disabled individuals

In May 2023, eFOLDi rolled out a smart packaging scheme using QR barcode technology, streamlining support for their network of mobility retailers and ensuring best practices in product training and awareness

Fueling Growth: Financial Backing

With £3.9M raised over three funding rounds, including a significant investment from Guinness Ventures in May 2020, eFOLDi is well-positioned to continue its trajectory of innovation and growth.

This financial support underscores the market’s confidence in eFOLDi’s vision and potential.

Conclusion: A Vision Realized

eFOLDi is more than just a mobility solution; it’s a revolution in personal freedom and independence.

By addressing the needs of those with reduced mobility through clever design and practical solutions, eFOLDi empowers individuals to reclaim their freedom and live life to the fullest.

Their story, from a father-daughter dream to an industry leader, illustrates the transformative power of innovation and perseverance.

As eFOLDi continues to innovate and expand, they are not just changing the landscape of mobility—they are enhancing lives, proving that with determination and creativity, anything is possible.

Edited By Annette George.