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Early Detection, Early Action - The Neodocs Approach to Proactive Health

On Episode 6 of the Newzchain Podcast, we sat down with Nikunj Malpani, CEO and Co-Founder of Neodocs.

How did the name "Neodocs come about?? That's something Nikunj and his co-founders, Pratik Lodha, and Anurag Meena ask themselves too.

However, with Neodocs being a new way to help doctors, the words "Neo" and 'Docs" could not be more apt.

So what does Neodocs do?

Neodocs is a healthcare platform, built by three IIT Bombay graduates, that builds smartphone-based health-test kits; thereby assisting doctors to diagnose patients earlier and treat them better.

The meeting of these three brilliant minds occurred on the IIT campus, while Pratik and Nikunj have a longer history, they met Anurag ( who was 2 years their senior) on campus.

Neodocs began its journey during lockdown, based on three principles;

1) The realization that diagnostics play a very critical part in healthcare, if one does not get tested, they won't be aware that their vitamin D is low, and if they aren't aware of the low vitamin levels they won't be able to fix it

2) Anurag's background in MedTech. With two healthcare startups already under his belt, Anurag had built devices and patents. His experience provided insights into how most lab machinery looks at color change or intensity.

3) With Pratik's experience in software, AI, and ML, the trio knew that with the advancement in today's phone cameras, they could attempt to replace some of the processes a machine does.

And so after much trial and error, Neodocs as we know it was finally built.

The inception of Neodocs did not just stem from an idea, as it does, personal experience presented the setting stage to Nikunj. Despite leading adequately healthy lives his parents ended up developing comorbidities that could have been detected with an early diagnosis.

This is the concern that Neodocs is addressing in healthcare: diagnostics, with their at-home testing kits, that are affordable, convenient, and easy to use.

They provide affordable smartphone testing kits that allow users to apply a sample to a test card containing various chemicals in a few simple steps.

The card produces a visual output, such as a color or intensity change, indicating biomarker levels. The Neodocs app on a smartphone then reads and interprets these results.

Neodocs first released The Kidney Care Kit and The UTI Care Kit, which garnered a positive response having sold more than 200,000 test cards and partnered with more than 4,000 doctors across India.

With this strong foundation of trust they have built and the recent funding received the trio at Neodocs have set their sights on male fertility testing, hoping to move it from being a "hush-hush" topic to something that can be spoken about openly.

They plan to cater the tests to both men and women, offering couples a comprehensive view of their fertility health.

Don't miss out on yet another exciting episode with us! Tune in to episode 6 of The Newzchain Podcast and discover Neodocs built themselves from late-night Zoom calls to the widely trusted healthcare platform they are today.

Edited By Annette George