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DeepMind and YouTube Launch AI Music Tools

  • DeepMind and YouTube collaborate on AI music tools, introducing Lyria and Dream Track for creators.
  • YouTube's Music AI tools promise to enhance creativity, allowing music creation based on humming and backing tracks.
  • Collaboration with artists aims to refine AI music tools, addressing challenges in credibility for longer passages.

Google's DeepMind collaborates with YouTube to introduce Lyria, a music generation model. Alongside Lyria, YouTube releases "Dream Track" for AI-generated soundtracks in the style of popular artists, initially available to select creators. 

The Music AI tools, emerging from YouTube's Music AI Incubator, promise to enhance creative processes, offering capabilities like creating music based on humming or building backing tracks for existing vocal lines.

AI in music: Navigating credibility challenges

As AI music creation gains prominence, DeepMind and YouTube focus on maintaining credibility in shorter pieces. Complexities arise when generating extended passages due to the multifaceted nature of music. Dream Track, developing 30-second tracks with artists like Charlie Puth, aims to provide a more aesthetic and authentic musical experience in YouTube Shorts.

Creators and Artists collaborate in AI music exploration

YouTube emphasizes collaboration with artists and creators to test and refine AI music tools. The limited release of Dream Track involves artists in testing and contributing to the development of models. Music AI tools, set for later release, will encompass instrument creation, ensemble building based on humming, and generating backing tracks for existing vocal lines.

DeepMind and YouTube's foray into AI music tools aligns with broader industry efforts, signaling a transformative shift in music creation and consumption on the platform.

Edited by Shruti Thapa