• DailyPe: Business loan marketplace with unique daily repayments.
  • Founders Saurabh Gupta and Shashwat Shrikhande tackle monthly loan agony for daily earners.
  • Financial symbiosis: Daily repayments reduce risk, build credit, and benefit both borrowers and lenders.

Shop owners' daily dose of financial freedom

In the bustling world of business loans, there’s a new player in town, and it’s changing the game. DailyPe, a marketplace for business loans, has a unique twist – daily repayments. Now, we know what you're thinking, "Who pays loans daily? Isn't that more frequent than my caffeine fix?" But bear with us, because DailyPe has something up its digital sleeve.

The founder's fable: Saurabh and Shashwat's serendipitous journey

Our story begins with two minds colliding at IIT Kharagpur – Saurabh Gupta and Shashwat Shrikhande. Fast forward seven years, and they're not just friends; they're the brains behind DailyPe.

Saurabh, with a knack for building lending tech products, and Shashwat, an IIT grad, and football fanatic, decided it was time to tackle a nagging issue – the agony of monthly loan repayments for daily earners.

The quirky conundrum: Daily earners vs. Monthly loan payments

Picture this: small shop owners hustling daily, earning their keep, and suddenly, bam! Monthly loan installments knock on their door like an unwelcome guests. It's a financial jigsaw puzzle that even a Sudoku champion would find challenging. DailyPe steps in and asks, "Why monthly when you earn daily?"

The DailyPe prescription: A dose of daily deductions

So, what's DailyPe's remedy? Daily repayments.

Yes, you heard it right. Instead of the monthly financial rollercoaster, a small, manageable amount is deducted daily from your digital wallet. No more last-minute scrambles to arrange a lump sum, no more anxiety about a gaping hole in your working capital. It's like having a financial spa day, every day.

The DailyPe dynamo: Small amounts, big impact

DailyPe operates on a simple philosophy – reduce risk and pay small amounts daily. Borrowers experience the bliss of stress-free repayments, while lenders uncover potential defaulters early in the game.

It's a win-win. Daily earners pay daily, build their credit scores, and the lending side makes informed decisions, reducing NPAs and increasing collection rates. Now that's what we call financial symbiosis.

The founder's revelation: A personal touch to a universal problem

Saurabh and Shashwat didn't stumble upon this issue in a boardroom; they lived it. Growing up with fathers who ran businesses, stressing days before loan installments, they intimately understood the pain.

Their journey from FinBox and ICICI bank to DailyPe wasn't just a career move; it was a mission to organize the chaos of "khandi Udhar" loans in the unorganized markets of India.

Partners in progress

DailyPe isn't just looking for borrowers; it's on the lookout for lending partners. Banks, NBFCs, and debt institutions are willing to be the financial backbone for small business owners – DailyPe is ready to shake hands. If you've got the golden key to credit models, underwriting tech, or risk analysis, the founders want to hear from you.

More than a loan, it's a lifestyle

In a world where financial stress often takes center stage, DailyPe emerges as the director of a new narrative. It's not just a loan platform; it's a financial lifestyle choice.

So, whether you're a daily earner, a lender looking for informed decisions, or someone with the magic touch in credit models, DailyPe invites you to join the revolution. After all, in the realm of loans, shouldn't every day be payday?

Edited by Shruti Thapa