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Cloudchipr: Navigating the Cloud Chaos

  • Businesses are increasingly relying on the cloud for its convenience and flexibility, but cloud management can quickly become chaotic and costly.
  • Cloudchipr acts as an organizer and money-saver for cloud operations, connecting cloud accounts, streamlining resources, and automating tasks.
  • Ashot Ayvazyan - Co-Founder and CEO at Cloudchipr.

In today's fast-paced world, businesses are increasingly relying on cloud services to power their operations. It's convenient, it's flexible, and it's the way of the future. But there's a little problem, everything comes with its own set of downsides – the power of the cloud can quickly turn into chaos, leading to wasted resources and becoming an operational hurdle. 

Imagine your business relies on the cloud to run its operations. This cloud network empowers businesses to move quickly and adapt to changing needs, kind of like a well-organized railway system connecting different locations with precision and efficiency. But sometimes, using the cloud can get messy.

Like managing an extensive railway network, if it isn't well maintained and organized, it can get chaotic. In the business world, this mess means you're wasting money and making things harder for the people who keep everything running smoothly.

That's where Cloudchipr comes in. It's like an organizer for all things cloud!

Here's how it works

You connect your preferred cloud accounts to your Cloudchipr service through a ReadOnly or Read/Write IAM role, which will allow Cloudchipr to assume the provided role and periodically collect metadata about your resources.

1. Cloud Connection: Cloudchipr helps you keep track of resources. You connect your cloud accounts to Cloudchipr, and it checks what resources you have.

2. Clean-Up and Organisation: Cloudchipr helps you clean up and organize your cloud resources. It's like having someone tidy up your room for you. Cloudchipr can put stuff away, so they're not just lying around and making a mess.

3. Saving Money: Cloudchipr is also great at helping you save money. It looks at your cloud bills and suggests ways to spend less. It's like having a money-saving friend.

4. Making Things Easier: Cloudchipr has some tricks up its sleeve. It can automate tasks, like sending messages or making sure things are properly labeled. This makes it easier for everyone to do their jobs.

So, in simple words, Cloudchipr is like the organizer and money-saver for your cloud, making things easier and less messy, so your business can run smoothly and efficiently.


The company was founded in July 2022, by Ashot Ayvazyan and Suren Marashlyan

Ashot is an Engineer and Entrepreneur with a Computer Science background and 14 years of experience in the design, implementation, and operations of distributed computing systems based on cloud and bare metal infrastructures. Now he is the Co-founder and CEO at Cloudchipr, which helps companies to reduce their cloud costs with infrastructure optimization automation workflows.

Suren is a Software Engineer and Entrepreneur with a math and computer science background. He has 10+ years of experience in computer software design and development. Now he is the Co-founder and VP of Engineering at Cloudchipr, which helps companies to reduce their cloud costs with infrastructure optimization automation workflows.

In essence, Cloudchipr transforms the cloud from potential chaos into a well-organized, cost-effective system. So, if you want your business to ride the cloud with ease and precision, Cloudchipr is the way to go.

Edited by Shruti Thapa