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Circulation: Power up to Healthcare Transportation

Learn about how Circulation joined ModivCare to offer fair and easy-to-reach healthcare on the International Day of Medical Transporters.

Circulation, a healthcare transportation startup

Let us celebrate International Day of Medical Transporters by learning about a new health tech company called Circulation.

They aim to provide on-demand, non-emergency healthcare transportation.

They work with ModivCare and have a motivating story. Learn how they changed healthcare transportation in the USA.

We celebrate 20th August to honor the medical transporters. They assist ill individuals in reaching medical facilities. They are very important in the healthcare system, a hero without a cape.

There is one such network of transporters that you should know about. Circulation is a startup that improved medical transportation in the USA which helps lots of patients.

Circulation's Beginnings: A health-tech innovation

In 2016 three very important people decided to solve a healthcare problem. Hence Jared Hawkins, John Brownstein, and Robin Heffernan joined forces in Greater Boston.

They wanted to help patients by getting them to their medical appointments. This in turn was a savior when they had trouble with transportation. The idea of the solution to this problem marked the birth of Circulation.

Circulation made it easy for healthcare systems to use Uber for transportation. They partnered with Uber and became their top healthcare platform partner. They made a safe digital dashboard that followed HIPAA rules. It integrated data from hospitals, patient requirements, and transportation services.

Empowering healthcare transportation

Circulation uses modern technology and data analysis to make healthcare transportation better. Their system made it easy to schedule rides, coordinate transportation, and manage benefits.

They focused on making it convenient for patients. They also ensured that they made transportation more reliable and cheaper. This helped patients get better healthcare.

The new company had an impact on various fields. These include Emergency Medicine, Health Care, Home Health Care, and Transportation.

This diverse approach demonstrated Circulation's commitment to game-changing healthcare access and delivery.

Uber partnership and Saas integration

Circulation's strategic partnership with Uber was a game-changer. It made it easier for patients to get around by adding Uber and other ride services to their system.

This helped them offer more choices for transportation that fit each patient's needs. Circulation made it easier for everyone involved in medical transportation to work together.

The startup made sure to keep patients' information private and secure. They made sure to follow HIPAA rules. This made healthcare workers trust Circulation more. They thought of it as a dependable and safe way to transport patients.

A life-changing ​acquisition: Circulation joins ModivCare

Acquisition announcement by Circulation via X in 2018

In 2018, a significant development reshaped Circulation's journey. LogistiCare Solutions, LLC, a leader in non-emergency medical transportation programs, acquired Circulation.

This strategic move aligned with LogistiCare's mission of reducing transportation barriers to healthcare. Circulation's acquisition brought its cool technology to a big player in the industry. This also made its impact even bigger.

The acquisition of Circulation has expanded its scope, making it a part of ModivCare. Now their services also include delivery of meals and care for the home and person. The company's main goal remains the same: to link individuals with the care they need.

Driving positive health outcomes

Under ModivCare, Circulation's legacy continued to flourish. ModivCare assisted individuals requiring medical attention by offering transportation and other vital services.

This simplified the process for everyone to receive the necessary care. While not worrying about how much money they have or what resources they have available.

ModivCare cared about fairness, hope, and healing, and this showed in the things they did. Circulation too worked with many different transportation providers.

This encompasses enterprises owned by women and minorities. This ensured that all individuals could receive the necessary care, regardless of their identity.

A journey of innovation and impact

Today is a special day for people who transport sick people. We want to talk about Circulation, which is now part of ModivCare. They have been helping sick people get to the hospital since 2016.

They use technology, data, and teamwork to help the patients. Their narrative illustrates how such elements can significantly impact individuals' lives.

Circulation became a part of ModivCare simply because its aim was to improve people's lives. Their goal was as simple as wanting everyone to have access to healthcare, no matter what.

We should show our gratitude to those who help patients get to their appointments, today. And also acknowledge companies like Circulation that ensure everyone has access to healthcare.

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Edited by Shruti Thapa