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Chiyo, Providing Nutritious Solutions for Mothers

  • Offers nutrition advice, meal delivery, and health coaching.
  • Delivered 100,000 meals with 300% revenue growth in a year.
  • Secured a $3 million investment from Bread & Butter Ventures.

Good digestion and nutrition are distinct challenges to solve during pregnancy, and even after giving birth, the debate continues – what to eat after having a child? Chiyo provides nutrition advice, meal delivery services, digital guides, and health coaching to women who would benefit from it from fertility to post-partum. 

Additionally, our team is building a novel research database on nutrition for women’s health. The team was motivated by Chiyo’s co-founder and CEO, Irene Liu.

She grew up watching her mother send traditional Chinese medicine meals to her aunt after she had given birth. Liu combined nutritional science and Eastern food therapy to create stage-based and symptom-specific nutritional programs.

From a single kitchen in Kearny, New Jersey in 2020, Irene Liu and Jennifer Jolorte Doro started Chiyo and began delivering meals throughout the country. In the last year alone, since its launch in 2021, it has scaled to an impressive 1,00,000 meals covered and attained a staggering YoY growth of 300 percent as a result of its national footprint expansion. 

Chiyo also works with more than one hundred practitioners specializing in women’s health. The long-term vision for Chiyo is to build a digital platform that delivers customized content and meal plans for its consumers.

It recently received a $3 million infusion from Bread & Butter Ventures and other investors such as Union Heritage Ventures Ingeborg, Peterson Ventures, Detroit Venture Partners, Palette Ventures, and The Helm.

This recent investment brings the total raised by Chiyo to an astonishing $3.4 million. Other notable supporters include fashion blogger and designer Aimee Song as well as Elizabeth Chrystal who was formerly CFO of the Momofuku restaurants series Jing from Fly by Jing Health-Ade cofounder Vanessa Dew.

With this extra funding, Chiyo aims to go into clinics and practitioners’ offices while also supporting more research on the healing power of food.

Edited by Shruti Thapa