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Cauldron - a gaming platform that goes beyond

• In this article, Cauldron is a developer of web-based games with a focus on creating socially inclusive and immersive worlds.

• Cauldron combines the "Play to Own" premise with storytelling to draw in and keep players interested. The article emphasizes Cauldron's talented staff, substantial money, and ambition to become the "Pixar for web3."

• To revolutionize interactive entertainment, the business intends to release Project Nightshade, its first gaming environment.

When we were little, we often fantasized about living in Andy's universe with Buzz Lightyear and Woody, or we imagined fighting in space combat with Master Yoda. We have played many games and thought about being in that world for a while.

Even as adults, there are times when we want to escape reality and live in our own imaginary world. We think about it and dream about it,  but can we ever really experience it once in our life, living in it?

Warrick and his colleagues developed this incredible software, which allows us to roam in our own established fictional world, with the sole goal of giving people the opportunity to be in their own imaginative world.

They established a gaming platform where you may design your own universe.  Their objective is to create socially inclusive, immersive worlds. 

Game plan

They want to give individuals a sense that they can not only escape into other universes but also, because of the technology at their core, actively participate in other universes.

They think that by creating social environments where players can go on adventures together, find their own communities, and form meaningful friendships, the future of interactive entertainment will be rooted in a culture of belonging. The future arises, as they say.

Source - Those Beyond Website

Evolution of Gaming 

Gaming is only one of the many industries that Web3 has revolutionized. We have been able to see the expansion of digital gaming over the past ten years. The company is expanding quickly. Up to this point, numerous developers have created a variety of gaming software, all of which are superior to one another.

The future of gaming lies in Web 3. Web3-based games offer players the opportunity to interact with the games in novel and decentralized ways, which represents a significant change from traditional gaming platforms. Expanding any aspect of gaming removes the need for a single central authority within a game and instead places the power in the hands of the player. The digital assets used in traditional gaming are not owned by the players. 

In traditional digital gaming, Instead of ownership by players merely serves as a permit to interact with the game's features. Additionally, all game-related data is stored on centralized gaming servers, which are managed and controlled by game administrators.

The ability to monitor and approve a deal in which players desire to exchange their virtual goods in order to benefit is not something that game creators are equipped with. Gray markets have emerged as a result of the inefficiency of centralized servers and traditional gaming, giving hackers and fraudsters a place to operate. 

What is Web3 gaming?

Web3 gaming is a decentralized gaming process in which any central authority is removed from the operations of a gaming ecosystem or gaming platform, specifically the ownership of gaming assets and decision-making in all game-related areas.

Another intriguing aspect of Web3 gaming is the decentralization of previous games which can be integrated and modernized into blockchain and metaverse platforms. Every gamer has their own unique gaming style and favorite game.

By adding them to the metaverse, where users may create their own avatars and exchange their preferred in-game items and collectibles, Web3 proposes to enhance well-known and dated games. The gaming ecosystem in web3 gaming is customized based on player preferences. Gamers can gain from Web3 gaming in a variety of ways. 

Source - Those Beyond Website

Play to Own

Cauldron believes that web3 gaming has so far experienced tremendous success. The P2E principles are incredibly appealing, the graphics are top-notch, and players can still have a full blockchain experience.

After all, it's easier to attract gamers to play P2E(Play to Earn) games. The challenging element is to maintain their interest long enough for them to play games. For that, Cauldron will create enduring video games with a distinctive fandom by using captivating storytelling.

As Mark says, “We call it ‘Play to Own’, so an immersive gaming experience, but within the Web3 framework.”
“What for us isn't acceptable is limiting the number of players who can play our game, just to drive up value. We are taking the gamers' view, saying, I want to play a game, I want it to be fun, and I want to enjoy the immersive experience for escapism.”


Mark Warrick has a very promising and trustworthy team. After serving at the companies for seven years, he left to launch Cauldron, as Chief Design Officer, with the help of the BAFTA-nominated games director Matt Hyde and award-winning creative force Fox Rogers, a former design director at Thought Machine.

All three of them are masters at developing imaginary worlds for games. Matthew Newcombe, CTO of Cauldron, has worked at two games, Rare, and King for more than ten years, where he worked on some of our favorite games like Monument Valley 2, Assemble with Care, and Halo.

It is hard to doubt this talented bunch of people, they are a team of gaming industry veterans, designers, writers, engineers, and technologists.

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They obtained funding through venture capital investments after raising $8 million from Europe's top funders Cherry Ventures and Seedcamp in November 2021.

According to TechCrunch, the Web3 game company Cauldron, based in London, has raised $6.6 million in a fundraising round. Cherry Ventures took the lead in the round and was followed by Cassius, Seedcamp, and Playfair. Just six months after raising $1.4 million in its pre-seed round, Cauldron received the most recent cash.

Pixar for Web3

The maximum amount that is funded is for a unique concept of developing ‘Pixar for web3’. Over the years, Pixar Studios has altered animation. The Walt Disney Studios-owned Pixar has developed some of the most well-known entertainment brands in history. The Incredibles, Toy Story, and many other films fall under this category.

“A big bit missing from web3 gaming is storytelling … people aren’t really coming back because there isn’t a reason to come back,” Warrick said. “If you close your eyes and are listening to a Pixar film, you can’t see the art or technology but the story is still gripping you. Storytelling is what matters.”

Imagine an empty world where we drop those characters in and you get to determine their origin tales, villains, and heroes. You could then make your own version of "Star Wars" or "Game of Thrones" and watch it unfold. This is a new form of entertainment.

The Intent

He also mentions that in five years’ time, he would love to have three worlds out there loved by millions, and in 10 years, multiply that by four.

The team's goal has always been to provide a narrative-led, player-first experience that transforms the cryptocurrency narrative from speculative to meaningful. That helps pioneer web3 with rich storytelling, innovative experiences, and a thriving community.

A 20-person design and engineering team spent more than a year building FATES, the technology that powers the first world. Which already has some amazing reviews,

“I recently launched a pod and claimed a pilot and asteroid. Was a very exciting and polished experience! Wahaha so I had to do it three times.”— Lulu (Twitter)

“Seriously, you can feel the tension the team is building, especially with the drips of information you need to dig up. It really gets you into the story and wanting more”— ImHiddenFromView (Discord)

Source - Those Beyond Website

Cauldron plans on becoming the ‘Pixar of Web3’ by putting storytelling at the forefront of its world-building approach. Warrick told TechCrunch that the company plans to launch its first Web3 gaming world, Project Nightshade, this autumn.

The goal of Cauldron is to establish itself as a narrative-driven, interactive company. The group plans to use the money to expand the studio's experience by hiring more professionals from the video game and film sectors.

Three video games are slated for release by Cauldron; two of them will be fantasy experiences, and the third, Project Nightshade, will be a science fiction one. The game firm wants to offer a Web3 experience that will let users interact with and control elements of the metaverse. They have rebranded the cauldron to Those Beyond.

New worlds are being created in the cauldron by reinterpreting fictional events. Everything at Cauldron is built upon the skill of worldbuilding. Their platform provides a seamless and enjoyable experience across a variety of multiplayer roleplaying environments, whether players are journeying into the mysterious realms of high fantasy or the depths of futuristic civilizations.

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