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Capsule Aims to Be the 'Spotify for News' with AI-Enhanced Reading Experience

  • Paris-based startup Capsule aims to be the "Spotify for news," blending AI and editorial curation.
  • Capsule utilizes AI to distill essential information, providing a unique and engaging news-reading format.
  • Capsule focuses on delivering 20 to 30 selected insights daily, organizing news akin to Spotify's playlists.

Capsule, a Paris-based startup, aspires to revolutionize news consumption by becoming the "Spotify for news." The app combines AI technology and human editorial curation, offering a unique news-reading experience. 

Capsule's vertical scrolling feed, reminiscent of social apps like TikTok, presents news headlines and summaries in an engaging format, with the ability to dive deeper into the full articles or social posts.

Transforming news aggregation with AI insights and editorial nuance

Capsule leverages AI to distill essential information from news articles, complemented by insights from its editorial team. The goal is to provide a fuller picture and present news in a digestible format. The app's curators, described as "avid readers with a unique perspective," contribute nuanced insights, avoiding metrics like social shares or likes. Capsule focuses on quality and relevance.

AI plays a role in curating related news stories beneath articles, enriching users' reading experiences. Unlike some news-sharing apps, Capsule imposes no limitations on news sources, tapping into over 400 and counting. While currently bootstrapped, Capsule may explore a freemium model in the future based on user experience and traction.

Capsule's editorial ethos centers around trends and insights for modern leaders, providing 20 to 30 selected insights daily. The startup envisions organizing news similar to Spotify's playlists and aims to offer a more profound news exploration. The app is presently available as a free download on iOS.

Edited by Shruti Thapa