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Bridgecard: Pioneering Financial Access

  • Bridgecard, founded by Owumi Festus and Tunde Adewole in 2022, is a fintech company based in Lagos, Nigeria.
  • They enable fintechs to issue globally accepted cards, expanding financial access in Africa. Owumi Festus and Tunde Adewole bring extensive tech and finance expertise to the company.
  • Bridgecard has swiftly gained traction, partnering with businesses in over 20 countries, making global card issuance effortless.

Hey there, folks! Today, we're diving into the world of Bridgecard, a game-changer in the African financial tech scene. Founded by the dynamic duo of Owumi Festus and Tunde Adewole in 2022, this fintech powerhouse is based in the vibrant city of Lagos, Nigeria.

Bridgecard has been turning heads as a Y Combinator-backed startup, and they've achieved remarkable success in just one year, partnering with fintechs, travel agencies, and foreign tuition providers in over 20 countries.

Why Bridgecard matters

Bridgecard is here to bridge the gap in the African financial services landscape. In Africa, traditional banking services aren't always readily accessible. That's where fintechs come to the rescue, offering innovative solutions.

But here's the challenge: making cards that work globally. Bridgecard swoops in to solve this problem. They've crafted a platform that makes it a breeze for fintechs to issue world-friendly cards to their customers. This means easy access to financial services for folks across the continent.

Meet the visionaries behind Bridgecard

Owumi Festus and Tunde Adewole are the brilliant minds steering the ship at Bridgecard. Owumi Festus is a tech wizard with over a decade of experience, having worked with tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and Andela.

Tunde Adewole is a finance pro with a whopping 15 years in the financial services industry, lending his expertise to names like Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank, and Access Bank.

Taking on the fintech world

Bridgecard doesn't have the fintech arena all to themselves; it's a bustling battleground. But what sets them apart is their magic formula: a platform that makes global card issuance a breeze. This has helped them secure their place in the market, attracting customers from all corners of Africa.

The goodies in Bridgecard's toolbox

Now, let's talk about the star of the show – Bridgecard's platform. It's all about empowering fintechs to issue customer-friendly cards worldwide. Check out the sweet features:

Global Acceptance: Cards created through Bridgecard are globetrotters. They work seamlessly anywhere on this blue planet, giving customers the freedom to use them wherever they wander.

Easy Integration: Bridgecard's platform is designed to be a piece of cake to integrate with existing fintech systems. No headaches; just a smooth start to issuing cards.

Real-Time Reporting: Bridgecard serves up real-time transaction reporting. Fintechs can keep an eagle eye on customer spending and nip any issues in the bud.

Success stories of Bridgecard

Bridgecard's journey has been a rollercoaster of achievements since its launch in 2022. Within just a year, they've shaken hands with fintechs, travel agencies, and foreign tuition providers across more than 20 countries.

It's a testament to their knack for delivering what customers need. They've set themselves apart by making global card issuance a walk in the park, and this has drawn customers from all over Africa.

Bridgecard isn't just a fintech company; it's a game-changer. By making it easy for fintechs to issue universal cards, they're paving the way for accessible financial services across Africa. Owumi Festus and Tunde Adewole are the brains behind this operation, and they're making waves in the competitive fintech arena.

With a commitment to innovation and a knack for customer satisfaction, Bridgecard's future looks as bright as the African sun. Stay tuned for more tales of their fintech conquest!

Edited by Shruti Thapa