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  • Odyssey, a maker of functional energy drinks with mushrooms, secures an additional $6 million in funding.
  • CEO Scott Frohman discovered mushroom benefits through a friend, leading to the creation of Odyssey's products.
  • The funds will be used for inventory, distribution, and team expansion; Odyssey introduces the 222 line.

Odyssey, a company that makes functional energy beverages using mushrooms, has secured an additional $6 million in funding. This brings their total funding to $14 million since they launched their first drink two years ago.

Scott Frohman, the founder and CEO of Odyssey, discovered the benefits of certain mushrooms through a friend who was making mushroom powder for drinks. After adding it to his coffee, Frohman noticed that his mental clarity improved. 

Frohman mentioned that for those seeking an extra caffeine boost, the company has recently introduced the Odyssey 222 line, which contains 222 milligrams of caffeine along with mushrooms.

Odyssey products can be found in over 5,000 stores, including Publix, CVS, GNC, Erewhon, 7-Eleven, Thrive Market, Wegmans, and Bristol Farms. 

Odyssey's latest funding round involves strategic investor Richard Laver from Rocket Beverage Group, who joins existing stakeholders in contributing 50% of the total funds raised.

Frohman intends to utilize the capital to maintain inventory, sustain distribution, and expand the sales and marketing teams. He emphasizes that Odyssey is not just a product but a movement.

Edited by Shruti Thapa