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Bluesky Introduces In-App Player and 'Hide Post' Feature

  • Bluesky introduces in-app video and music players, enhancing the platform's functionality.
  • Bluesky adds a "hide post" feature, allowing users to remove unwanted content from their feeds.
  • Bluesky allows users to view posts without logging in, promoting wider content sharing and engagement.

Bluesky, the decentralized social network, has introduced a fresh in-app video and music player for links and a new feature called "hide post." These updates make Bluesky's user experience more similar to X (Twitter). 

The new video and music player supports YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Twitch embeds. Unlike X, where videos autoplay by default, Bluesky's in-app player requires a tap to play the content. 

Learn all about the feature

Regarding the "hide post" feature, you can click on it if there's something you prefer not to see again. This will remove the post from your feeds and "mask it" if you visit it directly, according to Bluesky.

In recent news, Bluesky allows users to view posts without logging in, although an invitation is still required to create an account and make posts. However, users can now read posts through a link, and publishers can share Bluesky blog posts. 

Bluesky, the app released for iOS and Android in February, reached 2 million users last month. Although Bluesky is currently the sole platform on the AT Protocol, it plans to become a federated network "early next year." This means it will eventually operate as a more inclusive social network, similar to Mastodon, where users can freely select and switch servers for their accounts.

Edited by Shruti Thapa