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Avarni Secures $1.64M to Simplify Scope 3 Emission Tracking

  • Avarni secures $1.64 million in an extension round, supporting its mission to streamline Scope 3 emission tracking.
  • Avarni addresses the challenges of tracking Scope 3 emissions, providing transparency and aiding compliance with evolving regulations.
  • With increasing demand, Avarni's unique approach, engaging suppliers for emission data, sets it apart in the market.

Avarni, the Sydney-based startup, has secured USD 1.64 million in an extension round to streamline Scope 3 emission tracking for large enterprises. The platform helps organizations measure carbon emissions, identify supply chain hotspots, and devise strategies to achieve net-zero targets. 

Avarni's clients include Schneider Electric, KPMG Australia, and others, reflecting its role in aiding diverse sectors in comprehensive emission analysis.

Addressing Scope 3 Challenges

With Scope 3 emissions constituting a significant portion of organizations' carbon impact, Avarni simplifies the tracking process, addressing the challenges of limited transparency and data from suppliers. 

The platform allows companies to analyze and strategize based on precise and comprehensive data, facilitating compliance with evolving regulations, such as California's recent Senate bill and Australia's upcoming mandatory climate reporting requirements.

Growing demand and unique offerings

Avarni's co-founder and co-CEO, Misha Cajic, notes an increase in U.S. clients preparing for impending reporting requirements. The startup's distinct approach, allowing organizations to engage suppliers for emission data on its platform, sets it apart from competitors. 

The additional funding will further enhance Avarni's capabilities as demand grows globally for accurate and collaborative Scope 3 emission tracking.

Main sequence and new backers support Avarni's mission

The funding round, led by returning investors Main Sequence, Sprint Ventures, and AfterWork Ventures, adds to Avarni's total raised amount, now totaling $6.1 million.

Main Sequence expresses confidence in Avarni's role in providing precise carbon accounting, especially in measuring challenging Scope 3 emissions, supporting organizations in their journey towards net-zero goals.

Edited by Shruti Thapa