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Athina AI: Unleashing the Power of Understanding in LLM Production

  • Athina's Impact: Revolutionizes LLM development, providing a user-friendly dashboard for seamless integration, precise insights, and enhanced monitoring.
  • Comprehensive Empowerment: Solves challenges, offering tailored evaluations and a holistic view to boost LLM performance.
  • Founded in 2022 by Himanshu Bamoria and Shiv Sakhuja.

The Language Model (LLM) development industry is fast-paced and requires innovation and efficiency. LLM developers often struggle to gain visibility into model performance due to various challenges such as poor inference call visibility and the need to build in-house monitoring and evaluation systems. Fortunately, Athina is a game-changer that empowers LLM developers to navigate the complex production landscape with ease.

Breaking down the Athina AI advantage

In a nutshell, Athina is the go-to evaluation platform designed to bring clarity and control to your LLM applications in production. Imagine having a dashboard that not only provides a high-level view of your LLM usage but also gives you detailed client-level analytics, all set up in under 15 minutes. Athina seamlessly integrates with any LLM, making it a versatile and LLM-agnostic solution.

Self-Hosted or Cloud? You decide.

With Athina, you have the power to choose between a self-hosted solution, ensuring complete privacy and control of your infrastructure, or a hassle-free cloud solution where Athina takes care of everything. The flexibility is yours, and the insights are boundless.

Solving the LLM Developer conundrum

The core problem LLM developers face is the lack of visibility into real production data. Athina tackles this head-on by providing a self-serve dashboard that gives you a holistic view of your LLM's performance.

No more grappling with poor visibility, vague metrics, or the absence of explainability for LLM responses. Athina empowers you to track costs, token usage, response time, and user queries all in one place.

Customized Evals for your unique use case

Athina isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. It collaborates with you to configure the best evaluations tailored to the nuances of your specific use case. Whether it's hallucination detection, summarization accuracy, conversational insights, or bias detection, Athina's got you covered.

The Athina Dashboard: Your LLM's Best Friend

Picture this: a dashboard that not only tracks costs, token usage, and response time globally but also allows you to dive deep into individual customer analytics. Athina's dashboard provides a comprehensive understanding of the types of mistakes your LLM might be making. It also offers in-depth insights into how, when, and why.

Insights at Every Level: Athina doesn't just stop at the surface. It goes further, allowing you to segment data by customer_id, user_id, or session_id. Get ready to explore how your product is performing at every level and make data-driven decisions for optimization.

Beyond Metrics: Understanding Your Conversations

For conversational use cases, Athina adds a layer of sophistication by analyzing the topic, tone, and sentiment of user queries. Dive into the intricacies of your conversations, understanding how they evolve over time. Athina ensures you connect not just with data but with the heartbeat of your users.

Fire and Forget, Not a Proxy Endpoint

At the core of Athina is the understanding that your AI inference call is sacred. Athina operates seamlessly, requiring only a simple API request or a function call in the Python logging SDK. It's a fire-and-forget response, ensuring no impact on latency.

Athina - Shaping a New Era in LLM Development

In the ever-changing landscape of language models, Athina provides LLM developers with the tools they need to thrive. Bid goodbye to the days of poor visibility and welcome a new era of understanding, measurement, and improvement. With Athina, the power is in your hands to shape the future of your AI-powered conversations.

Edited by Shruti Thapa