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Apple's Ban on Beeper Users Sparks Outrage and Debate

  • Users of Beeper's apps on Apple devices face iMessage bans on their Macs.
  • After Beeper Mini's removal, Mac users experience iMessage issues, sparking dissatisfaction and accusations.
  • U.S. lawmakers urge the Department of Justice to investigate Apple's alleged anticompetitive behavior against Beeper.

The ongoing Apple-versus-Beeper saga continues, despite the removal of the iMessage-on-Android Beeper Mini from the Play Store. Apple customers who used Beeper's apps are now facing a ban from using iMessage on their Macs. 

This action by Apple may have been taken to prevent Beeper's apps from functioning properly, but it ultimately punishes Apple's own customers for exploring non-Apple alternatives for accessing iMessage. This development comes after a long and contentious battle between Apple and Beeper, which Apple ultimately emerged victorious from.

Beeper Mini's success was short-lived as Apple quickly found a way to disable it from delivering messages reliably. Despite Beeper's efforts to fix the issue, Apple once again blocked Beeper's users from receiving messages.

Lawmakers from both political parties have urged the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate Apple's potential anticompetitive behavior regarding the Beeper Mini application. Many Beeper users suspect that Apple is using this as a way to remove them from the iMessage network.

Apple and Beeper were requested to provide additional comments. In reply, Migicovsky speculated that the problems could be caused by a bug in iMessage. Beeper decided to stop working on an iMessage solution after releasing its latest software. 

Edited by Shruti Thapa