• Apple designates AllTrails as the top iPhone app for 2023, highlighting its well-built design.
  • Apple recognizes generative AI as the "Trend of the Year" in its app selections for 2023.
  • Apple and Google overlook AI apps in their selections, focusing on diverse categories and trends.

Apple names AllTrails the iPhone App of the Year for 2023, highlighting its well-built design alongside finalists Duolingo and Flighty. Apple and Google selected Honkai: Star Rail as the Year's Year's Game of the Year. Surprisingly, AI apps, including ChatGPT, do not reach the top spot.

Apple acknowledges generative AI as the "Trend of the Year," showcasing apps in this category. Meanwhile, Google emphasizes multi-device functionality, naming Spotify as the best multi-device app and OUTERPLANE – Strategy Anime as the best multi-device game.

Amazon's Titan Image Generator's notable absence in best app picks

Despite its recent release, Amazon's Titan Image Generator is absent from Apple and Google's apps. The focus on other apps and games suggests a shift in priorities for these tech giants, possibly influenced by trends and user preferences in 2023.

AI apps are overlooked as both platforms opt for diverse winners

Despite AI's increasing prevalence and impact in various sectors, neither Apple nor Google names an AI app as its app of the year. Both platforms opt for a diverse selection, showcasing apps across different categories, from educational apps like Imprint: Learn Visually to gaming apps like Honkai: Star Rail.

User's choice highlights ChatGPT's popularity

ChatGPT secured the User's Choice App of the Year in the Google Play Store, affirming its widespread popularity among users. The absence of AI apps from the top picks raises questions about the criteria for selection and the evolving landscape of app preferences.

Edited by Shruti Thapa