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Ajourney: Because Running Payroll Shouldn't Feel Like a Marathon

  • Ajourney simplifies Southeast Asia's payroll complexities, inspired by Gusto.
  • Tackles attendance, remote work, and regional expansion hurdles with a single-click solution.
  • Founders Jonathan, Thomas, and Cayter redefine payroll, making it a seamless experience.

The Birth of Ajourney

Picture this: Jonathan, Thomas, and Cayter, tired of the repetitive payroll dance, gathered in a room and said, "Hey, running payroll shouldn't be this complicated. Why not make it as easy as ordering a pizza?" Thus, Ajourney was born, aiming to be the Gusto for Southeast Asia.

The Payroll Predicament - Because manual work is so last century

In the vast landscape of Southeast Asian payroll, Ajourney identified not one but three areas that could use a makeover.

First, existing payroll software acts like calculators, crunching compliance numbers but leaving out the nitty-gritty like attendance and commission data.

Second, the rise of remote work in SEA meant separate payments for remote contractors, creating a headache for business owners.

Third, businesses expanding in SEA had to outsource payroll because building internal competency for every market was just too much hassle. Because let's face it, running payroll manually is so last century. It's time for payroll software to catch up with the times.

Ajourney's approach - Click, Payroll, Done!

Ajourney came to the rescue with a solution that manages payroll from start to finish.

No more worrying about collecting attendance data, handling payments through different portals, or juggling compliance filings.

A single click, and your employees get paid while being fully compliant with regulations. And the best part?

They threw in customer support because sometimes, you just need a friendly voice to guide you through payroll complexities.

Cue sarcasm: Because who needs multiple portals and spreadsheets when you can have payroll done with a single click? It's like magic but for your finances.

The Ajourney Trio - Jonathan, Thomas, and Cayter

Now, who are the masterminds behind this Gusto-inspired revolution?

Jonathan, the CEO, spearheaded product development and digital transformation at NTUC Enterprise. Thomas, the CPO, played a crucial role as the second engineer in a B2B startup that specialized in enterprise compliance software. Cayter, the CTO, brought his expertise in payments and aimed to enhance the payroll system in Southeast Asia.

Because building a unified regional payroll platform is not for the faint-hearted. It takes a trio like this to turn payroll into a cakewalk.

Ajourney - Navigating payroll, one click at a time

Say goodbye to the hassle of running payroll with Ajourney by your side, making the process smoother and more enjoyable.

No more guesswork, no more headaches—just a simple click and payroll is done.

Jonathan, Thomas, and Cayter didn't just create a payroll platform; they crafted a solution that understands the needs of Southeast Asian businesses.

So, the next time you're drowning in payroll complexities, remember Ajourney - where payroll isn't a marathon; it's a well-orchestrated symphony conducted with a single click. Because in a world of payroll puzzles, Ajourney provides the missing piece.

Edited by Shruti Thapa