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Adalo on a Mission to Empowering Makers

Adalo with their no-code platform, they empower makers to create apps without the need for coding skills, unlocking a world of possibilities for innovation and creativity.

  • Adalo revolutionizes app development, empowering creators without coding expertise.
  • Adalo prioritizes purpose over mission, committed to empowering makers at every stage.
  • With custom app builders and flexible database options, it offers a seamless experience for creators.

In the symphony of technology, where coding has long been the melody of creation, Adalo emerges as a conductor of change. Like a maestro guiding an orchestra, it orchestrates a new tune in the world of app development, where anyone with a spark of creativity can compose their masterpiece.

Adalo - founded in 2018 by David Adkin and Ben Haefele in St. Louis, Missouri, is on a mission to democratize app creation, empowering makers to bring their ideas to life without the need for coding expertise.

Purpose Over Mission

Adalo's philosophy is rooted in the belief that purpose surpasses mission. While a mission has a start and end, a purpose is perpetual, a guiding light that shapes every aspect of the organization.

Their purpose? To empower makers that goes beyond just being a no-code tech platform. It's a commitment to helping makers at every stage of their journey, a testament to their belief that the world is richer when everyone can contribute their ideas.

Principles that Drive Excellence

At the core of Adalo's success are their 5 principles, which serve as a roadmap for their journey. Community, Trust, Inclusion, Growth, and Action are not just words but the pillars on which Adalo stands.

They prioritize their community of makers, believe in the power of trust and integrity, celebrate diversity, embrace continuous growth, and take decisive action to solve problems.

Practices that Reflect Principles

Adalo's principles are not just theoretical; they are put into practice every day. From weekly feedback sessions to community-driven decision-making, from intentional interactions to flexible work hours.

Adalo's practices reflect their commitment to their principles. They believe that every action, no matter how small, contributes to their larger purpose of empowering makers.

Innovative Features, Seamless Experience

What sets Adalo apart is not just its philosophy but also its features. With a custom responsive web app builder, flexible database options, and easy app publishing across platforms, Adalo offers a seamless experience for makers.

Their integration with Xano, a powerful backend solution, and their ability to connect with thousands of third-party apps through APIs, make Adalo a versatile and powerful tool for app development.

Source: Adalo Pricing

Funding and Growth

Adalo's journey has been fueled by the support of investors who believe in their vision. With a total funding amount of $9.8 million raised over 5 rounds, Adalo has the backing to continue its mission of empowering makers.

Their recent Series A funding round on May 4, 2021, further solidifies their position in the market and paves the way for future growth and innovation.

A Future of Possibilities

Like a well-composed piece of music, Adalo's journey is harmonious, with each principle and practice blending seamlessly to create a symphony of success.

As they continue to empower makers and redefine the boundaries of app development, Adalo remains a testament to the power of purpose, principles, and people in shaping a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

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Edited by Shruti Thapa