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Zippy Revolutionizing Move to Earn Metaverse for Runners

Zippy Cover Image
  • Zippy is a web3 start-up that revolutionizes the running experience by integrating gaming principles into fitness.
  • Their platform combines indoor and outdoor running into an interactive game that burns calories.
  • The platform empowers runners with rewards such as NFTs and metaverse tokens, and users can explore famous marathon cities and scenic landscapes virtually.

The word fitness brings different communities together under the idea of working out. Zippy is one such web3 start-up that focuses on enhancing the running experience through the tech principles of gaming.

Imagine running as a game that burns out calories!! This game, unlike others, can be played indoors and outdoors. The family of Zippy narrates itself as  'Athletes First' and 'Technologists Later.'

This platform provides the athletes of this community with multiple opportunities and rewards for being a part of their army. Their ideology of amalgamating the experience of outdoor running with the comfort of indoors makes them different from the rest of fitness apps.

What does it offer?

The technologists of the start-up made this unique user experience possible through AI, Blockchain, gamification behavioral, and nudge economics - all of which can be experienced through a single tap on their application and signing up for this thrilling activity. But wait, how does this tech thing work?

These three components - Blockchain, Gamification Behavioural, and Nudge Economics; work together in app development and can have a significant positive impact. Now, What are these?

Blockchain technology is a medium that ensures transparency, security, and trust within the operations of the application. The element of gamification provides the foundation for enticing users and encouraging desired behaviors.

In order to enhance user interactions and boost the efficiency of the gamification components, nudge economics adds behavioral insights. 

For example, the app can provide personalized recommendations, reminders, or notifications that encourage users to engage in specific activities or follow certain behavioral patterns. These nudges are designed in sync with the app's gamified elements and objectives. 

By combining these factors, Zippy has turned out to be entertaining, engaging, transparent, secure, and effective at influencing users to take the RUN!!

How do they keep it engaging?

Zippy is more than just a fitness app. As it quotes - 

It's a game-changer that's reshaping the way we see running. It's a marathon point for the running community to come together, socialize, and support each other, especially during challenging times like the post-pandemic era. 

This truly empowers runners and helps them build up their social connectivity in this aspect through NFTs, metaverse tokens, crypto, and many such rewards that the application provides.

The application only demands treadmills and smart devices as its investment from the users, in the beginning to access the constituents. 

Podcasts, music, runners club, selection of ambiance, individual avatars, and social connectivity with other runners - all of these segments of the start-up stand by the statement that ‘Running is now Social’.

How ZippyWorks Outdoor

It's almost like Temple Run or Subway Surfers, where obstacles or levels are based on the community runners but with a choice of avatars and ambiance. 

It enables a virtual environment for individuals to explore famous marathon cities such as Boston, London, Mumbai, and Tokyo, as well as scenic landscapes like jungle trails and beach runs. It truly is like Subway, isn’t it?

Irrespective of with whom you run, or where you run - it’s a platform that encourages groups and soloists to participate in this and have their own digital representations called twins or avatars, which synchronize with their real-world movements.

They will mimic your every move, syncing seamlessly with your real-world motions which are captured and gathered through fitness wearables, treadmill sensors, or your good ol' reliable treadmill. It's like having your team spirit squad cheering for you, simply at your fingertips. 

The mastermind behind the company

Sunny Makroo the founder, along with his investors and advisors of Zippy, escalated the mindset of individuals about running by providing everything that one could ever want or used to miss while running - either on their treadmill or on the roads.

This was only possible when the start-up made sure that there were entrepreneurs, technologists, and medical professionals on the team - to ensure the smooth functioning of all the ‘Zippy-is’. Zippy is the epitome of a parallel universe where running becomes an extraordinary adventure.

According to Crunch base, Zippy is bootstrapping it's operation i.e. all the funding to make the start-up expand is solely done by the founder or in-house core team.

There is fierce competition in the fitness sector, Zippy Fitness and its rivals have been able to raise approximately $164M in fundraising throughout 36 funding rounds with 158 investors. This clearly showcases the company’s potential. 

The start-up has completed the proof-of-concept phase and is currently seeking outside funding. With brand partners like Nike and Adidas, it seeks to launch the entire consumer-facing product using tokenomics and NFTs.

Additionally, Zippy Metaverse land will be put up for auction. They notably have plans for their expansion so that they can build a fully complete DAO for Zippy. 

Truly, as interesting as it looks, Zippy is revolutionizing running! It's time to say goodbye to boring workouts and hello to an exhilarating experience that will have one sweating and smiling.

It's a gateway to endless exploration. I honestly believe that the future of running is here, and Zippy is leading the way. With this, it also seeks to alter how 600 million people around the world run.

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Edited by Shruti Thapa