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X Marks the Spot: Twitter's Journey Towards All-In-One App

  • Twitter is currently undergoing significant changes to enhance user experience.
  • Twitter is expanding its functionality by incorporating audio and video calling features.
  • Not all users can access X's audio and video calling features.

Twitter is amidst a captivating transformation, embracing various modifications bound to captivate its users. From bidding farewell to the iconic blue bird logo and welcoming a fresh symbol to enhancing its functionality with the exciting inclusion of audio and video calling, Twitter is evolving remarkably.

Elon Musk revealed on Wednesday that X, formerly known as Twitter, now has an early version that includes video and audio calling. Musk's vision for X is to transform it into an all-in-one app that can handle tasks ranging from online payments to news dissemination and food delivery. This latest development is a significant stride towards achieving that goal.

Only some users can access it, and X has yet to specify when this feature will be widely available. Moreover, the business has not confirmed that only customers will be able to make audio and video calls, as computer expert Chris Messina found in X's code.

Sometimes, audio and video calls on social media platforms can be counterproductive. It can be quite jarring to receive a call when you're simply browsing through your feed. This is particularly true if the caller is someone you don't know or recognize.

It's fascinating to see how the app has evolved. From its humble beginnings as an SMS-based communications platform, it has undergone numerous transformations. Let's eagerly anticipate the exciting changes that lie ahead for this app.

Edited by Shruti Thapa