• SIID Technologies, founded by Eri O'Diah, merges technology with justice, aiding legal teams with AI.
  • Aimed initially at bias detection, SIID now promotes equity in law enforcement using AI analysis.
  • Believes in embracing the world of technology and shaping the future of legal tech.

What does justice mean to you? According to me, justice is the lighthouse guiding ships through the stormwaters. The lighthouse ensures safe passage by illuminating the route and warning them about the hazards. Similarly, justice helps society during challenging times by safeguarding people's rights and adhering to the law.

But isn't technology also acting like a lighthouse navigating the future of many fields? Have you ever imagined what a boon it would be for us if technology and justice were blended?

SIID Technologies has nailed it, founded by Eri O'Diah and established in 2019 with its headquarters in Washington, DC. SIID helps legal and investigation teams quickly and inexpensively fill in missing information using advanced AI technology.

Eri O'Diah won the BDPA/ National Society of Black Engineers | NSBE Professionals Pitch Out Competition

The concept for SIID was initially conceived as a Grammarly-like tool for identifying bias in advertising. After George Floyd was killed in 2020, the aim was altered to use AI technology to help police training and promote fairness in the criminal justice system.

What topics are covered by the light-bearing firm SIID?

It uses innovative technology to promote fairness and accountability in the legal and police systems and to treat all races equally.

It can be accessed through the web application or by downloading the application available on Android and Apple devices. This is a software that lawyers can use to assess cases before trial. They pay a fee to use it. It helps them work on issues faster.

It uses Sentiment analysis, often called opinion mining, which is a natural language processing (NLP) method for identifying data's positivity, negativity, or neutrality. The A/V Analysis tool is the only one that has this feature, which is used to identify persons, places, and things.

Safety and Security

One may wonder about the risks of providing data to software when there is a high percentage of cybercrime happening.

They use the AWS GovCloud (US) security service to protect user data. AWS GovCloud (US) is designed for US government agencies and contractors, academic institutions, and clients who need to run sensitive workloads in the cloud while meeting legal and regulatory requirements.

The AWS GovCloud (US) Regions help people follow U.S. international traffic and security rules. They also follow the same safety rules as other AWS Regions.

SIID's motto is to quickly evaluate cases and provide your clients with prompt and excellent legal representation. Even in the 21st century, we are facing issues of racial equity and SIID is helping people by using AI to assess their cases early on and guiding them toward justice like a lighthouse.

Edited by Shruti Thapa