• ConnectCareHero has many fun things for older people to enjoy. It helps them connect with younger people who like similar or different things.
  • It offers interactive programs to combat loneliness and promote social connections.
  • Tornu Ngwayah and Osvaldo Montelongo, who started the company, care a lot about ensuring that seniors are safe and happy. They changed their technology to help the elderly care industry during the pandemic.

Weekend Netflix binges are a blast, but let's face it, most shows are geared toward Gen Z. What about the millennials? Fear not. ConnectCare Hero has got our backs with a massive library of entertainment options tailored to our preferences and needs. Get ready for interactive programs that cater to the older adult crowd.

What is ConnectCareHero?

ConnectCareHero connects older individuals through live interactive programming, fostering social connections and combating loneliness. Accessible on all devices, from TVs to mobile screens, it's never been easier to stay connected.

The founders, Tornu Ngwayah and Osvaldo Montelongo, with its headquarters in Chicago, United States, say ConnectCareHero has always prioritized the senior population's security and happiness. As a result, they have had a close relationship with the fight against COVID-19 from the beginning.

When the pandemic struck, they moved quickly to adapt their current technologies to serve better customers' shifting demands and the needs of the elder care industry.

What does it offer?

Our experts create fun and educational online activities for seniors to enjoy. We carefully choose content that encourages participation and reduces loneliness. It covers various topics like arts, music, comedy, therapy, cooking, and poetry.

These intelligent screenings and observations inform you about potential risks in your group. This includes checking for social isolation, reducing other health risks, and understanding how engaged and compliant people are.

ConnectCareHero is a computer program that helps people be happier by suggesting fun things to do. It learns what people like and offers popular items in the community. It also creates special events just for individuals.

They have a big group of suppliers, over 200, and it's getting bigger. They offer content that is made for older people. They are developing innovative and fun methods to interact with and involve our communities.

It has a set of programming that are available for free, which includes:

  • Weekly fun & social events with friends – old and new.
  • More than 15 rotating classes every month on a variety of subjects.
  • Live cooking shows, gardening, fitness, and much more.


Throughout eight rounds, ConnectCareHero has raised $2.7M in investment. On June 1, 2023, they received their most recent funding from a Seed round. Funding for ConnectCareHero came from 12 investors.

The most recent investors include American Heart Association and Inicio Ventures. They also partner with Techstars_, IHCC, Lactic Incubator, and many others.

To conclude, one of the founders mentioned, “I've seen beautiful memories and moments shared between staff and elders’ families. Seeing the impact they can have on the elders, and their families and staff, pushes me to do the work that we do.” and the statement says it all, what, why and the purpose.

Edited by Shruti Thapa