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Revel's Farewell to Moped Sharing

  • The company's history includes a significant expansion from a small shop in Brooklyn to a fleet of over 3,000 electric mopeds in New York City.
  • Revel's decision to exit the moped-sharing market was influenced by a sharp drop in passenger numbers during the peak summer season.
  • The company plans to transition to its new EV charging and ride-hailing services.

Booking up a two-wheeler ride instead of a cab is not a new concept. It is pocket-friendly and environmentally friendly. 

Revel, an electric mobility startup, is formally closing its shared moped operations in San Francisco and New York City. Revel will now focus solely on its EV charging and electric ride-hailing ventures, leaving behind the moped-sharing marketplaces in San Francisco and New York.

Revel recently introduced its third "Superhub" in Queens, following the earlier launch of one in Brooklyn in April. 

The end of mopeds marks the conclusion of a chapter for Revel. The company, which originated in 2018 as a small shop in Bushwick, Brooklyn, started with just 68 electric mopeds. However, Revel's fleet grew to over 3,000 e-mopeds in New York City by 2021, and they expanded to various other cities with an additional 3,000 mopeds.

During the peak summer trips, passengers dropped by more than 30% in San Francisco and New York compared to the previous year, making the service unsustainable. Revel pulled out of Miami and Washington, D.C., in November 2022. Currently, only 3,000 mopeds are being utilized in the SF and NYC areas, as reported by the company.

Services will come to a halt on November 18th. Within the next 14 days, Revel will transport the decommissioned mopeds to recycling facilities in the Bay Area and New York.

Say farewell to the Revels mopeds and say hello to the exciting new world of EV charging and electric ride-hailing ventures! It's time to embrace the future of transportation and all the unique possibilities it holds.

Edited by Shruti Thapa