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Redefining Gratitude: Tipping Delivery Drivers in Advance

  • The traditional practice of tipping service staff in restaurants has evolved, but it remains challenging for customers to determine appropriate tip amounts, particularly with the rise of online food ordering.
  • DoorDash, the online food delivery app, is tackling the problem of decreasing or nonexistent tips.
  • Pre-tipping on DoorDash has the potential to encourage delivery drivers to offer quicker and more committed service despite its unconventional nature.

Tipping the hardworking service staff at a restaurant has become an unspoken tradition. However, determining the appropriate amount to tip can often be a perplexing task.

With the rise of online food ordering, many find it convenient to skip the tipping process altogether. Yet, this choice inadvertently impacts the dedicated individuals who diligently deliver our meals.

What is DoorDash?

DoorDash, an online food delivery app based in San Francisco, created a rule to solve the issue of less tipping. It is experimenting with a fresh feature to encourage customers to tip their drivers in advance, as per a Bankrate survey revealing that Americans are gradually reducing their tips for customer service workers.

If customers fail to leave a tip when ordering from a restaurant on DoorDash, they will receive a prompt encouraging them to tip for faster order acceptance and delivery. The meal delivery service will remind users again, cautioning them that Dashers can accept or decline orders, implying that their order may be rejected if they continue not to leave a tip.

It's strange to consider pre-tipping. However, even if the food is not great, getting a meal delivered to your home deserves a tip. Additionally, if delivery drivers knew they would receive a tip beforehand, they would likely be more motivated to make deliveries quickly.

It's truly remarkable to witness someone recognizing this issue as a genuine concern and taking the initiative to resolve it. While the idea of tipping may be fading away, it's still important to express appreciation for the diligent individuals who tirelessly bring us our beloved meals, navigating through the streets to deliver them right to our doorstep.

Edited by Shruti Thapa