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  •, guided by founders Jose Menendez and Pablo Icaza, simplifies accounting and taxes for a stress-free financial experience.
  • Securing $2.9 million in funding, including support from Harvard Management Company, elevates's financial recipe.
  • It turns complexities into an easy recipe, from bank connections to personalized tax advice.

Imagine managing your finances like cooking a gourmet meal. is your well-organized kitchen, streamlining the process so you can whip up financial success effortlessly.

Connecting your bank account is like assembling the freshest ingredients, and personalized tax advice is the secret recipe to ensure your financial dish is a hit. It's not just accounting; it's a culinary experience.

Stirring the Pot of Financial Success

In the grand kitchen of entrepreneurship, where every ingredient matters, emerges as the secret sauce for a delectable financial recipe. Think of it as your culinary guide, simplifying the complex world of accounting and taxes.

Just as a well-organized kitchen makes cooking a joy, transforms financial management into a seamless, delightful experience.

Founding story: Crafting a perfect recipe

Behind the scenes of are the culinary maestros, Jose Menendez and Pablo Icaza. Like seasoned chefs, they've cooked up five different startups before perfecting the recipe.

Armed with seven years of software and product expertise, Jose Menendez, a Computer Engineer, and Pablo Icaza, the unsung hero in the code kitchen, bring you a financial feast that's as easy as pie.

Funding odyssey: Adding spice to the mix

Every great recipe needs quality ingredients, and for, that includes substantial funding. In a funding round that felt like a Michelin-starred banquet, raised $2.9 million, backed by investors like Harvard Management Company and others.

It's not just about the money; it's about creating a financial masterpiece that caters to the tastes of small businesses across LATAM.

The problem: A recipe gone awry

Picture this: the kitchen of entrepreneurship cluttered with disorganized pots and pans, a recipe book in a foreign language, and the looming fear of a culinary disaster.

That's the financial kitchen most entrepreneurs find themselves. It's not that they lack the skills; it's the complexity of accounting and taxes that turns the financial feast into a chaotic kitchen nightmare.

The solution:, your culinary guide steps into this chaotic kitchen as the culinary guide you never knew you needed. It's like having a seasoned chef and an organized sous chef in your corner, transforming financial complexities into an easy-to-follow recipe.

From connecting your bank account to personalized tax advice, is the secret ingredient to a stress-free financial banquet.

Why do they do it? Serving financial delight

Just as a chef aims to delight the palate, is on a mission to serve financial delight. The team understands that one would want to focus on their business, not get lost in the labyrinth of tax regulations. is designed to be your financial sous chef, allowing you to savor the journey of entrepreneurship without worrying about the financial recipe.

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Edited by Shruti Thapa