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Kids and Meta: A Clash of Addiction

  • Meta's platforms, including Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook, have become an integral part of daily life.
  • 42 States have collectively filed a lawsuit against Meta.
  • The lawsuit prompts a broader discussion on responsibility, with questions raised about who bears the blame for children's heavy use of social media.

Meta has become a part of everyone's life, especially kids. It's a change in the routine of checking Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook first thing in the morning. Everyone has been using Meta for a maximum of hours of the day. 

But people have some sayings about kids using meta! Forty-two states came together to sue Meta over kids’ mental health.

In a complaint filed in federal court in California on Tuesday, 33 states, such as California, Colorado, New York, Arizona, and Illinois, argue that Meta violated state and federal laws by deceiving young individuals in the country into using Facebook and Instagram more often.

The lawsuit emphasizes multiple violations of laws protecting minors by Meta. These violations involve the company's focus on maximizing children's time and attention on its platforms, its addictive product design while downplaying the risks to children, and its disregard for research indicating the harm social media can cause to young users.

The Chamber of Progress, a prominent IT trade association, defended social media's impact on young people, stating that it has a primarily positive influence. CEO Adam Kovacevich emphasized that extensive research does not support the notion that social media is responsible for adverse mental health trends among teenagers.

It's a tough call to take and decide who is responsible. Is it the kids who have to use phones first thing in the morning or the app developers?

Edited by Shruti Thapa