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Hyperbound AI: Revolutionizing Sales Training with Roleplay

  • Sriharsha Guduguntla and Atul Raghunathan launched Hyperbound AI in 2023 to modernize sales training with simulations.
  • Simulated roleplays with AI agents tailored to Ideal Customer Profiles.
  • Backed by YCombinator and other investors, poised for global transformation in sales training.

Imagine a world where sales development representatives (SDRs) and account executives (AEs) can practice their pitches and hone their skills without ever risking a real lead.

Well, welcome to Hyperbound AI, where simulations turn into success stories and transform average reps into top performers in record time.

The Founding Story:

Picture this: Two passionate individuals, Sriharsha Guduguntla and Atul Raghunathan, came together with a vision to revolutionize the way sales teams train and develop their skills (Source: Y Combinator). Armed with years of experience in engineering, product development, and AI research, they embarked on a journey to create Hyperbound AI.

Their mission? To provide a solution that would professionalize sales, just like lawyers practice law and pro golfers practice golf. And thus, Hyperbound was born in 2023, with a promise to redefine sales training and enablement (Source: Y Combinator).

What sets Hyperbound AI apart?

At Hyperbound AI, the pain points of traditional sales training methods are well understood. The awkwardness of roleplays, the time-consuming nature of manager-led coaching, and the pressure of practicing on real prospects—it's enough to make any sales rep break a sweat.

But fear not, because Hyperbound is here to change the game. The simulated roleplay platform at Hyperbound creates interactive AI agents tailored to the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) in less than 20 minutes.

These AI agents simulate realistic buyer personas, complete with objections, questions, and pain points. With Hyperbound, reps can practice their pitches, handle objections, and perfect their talk tracks—all without the fear of wasting precious leads.

Roleplay -

Testimonials from the trenches:

Don't just take their word for it—here's what the users have to say:

"Hyperbound is the most useful tool I've seen for cold call training and enablement, for newcomers and veterans alike." - Jake Murtaugh, BDR @ Semperis
"Hyperbound's AI roleplay calling tool is incredible. It's great for SDRs and SDR Leaders." - Dale Thorn, SDR Leader
"My first time using HyperBound was truly remarkable. After years of cold calling, its lifelike simulation was like nothing else I've seen." - Phil Bowe, AE @ Datadog

Funding details:

Backed by renowned investors like YCombinator and powered by a passionate team of experts, Hyperbound AI is on a mission to transform sales training worldwide.

With undisclosed seed funding rounds from Team Ignite Ventures and Roble Ventures, Hyperbound is poised for exponential growth and innovation (Source: Crunchbase).

Skill and strategy

In a world where sales success is defined by skill and strategy, Hyperbound AI stands as a beacon of innovation. By combining cutting-edge AI technology with real-world sales scenarios, Hyperbound empowers sales teams to excel like never before.

So, if you're ready to revolutionize your sales training and unleash the full potential of your reps, it's time to join the Hyperbound revolution.

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Edited by Shruti Thapa