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Harmoney is Revolutionizing Bond Trading in India

  • Harmoney was founded in 2021 by Aditya Mehta and Amal Dani in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
  • The platform offers real-time access to bond markets and is fully integrated with exchanges, back-office systems, and portfolio management software.
  • Harmoney's proprietary trading tool, DART, provides live quotes, inventory management, and automated post-trade processes on a single screen.

Based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and established in 2021 by Aditya Mehta and Amal Dani, Harmoney is an advanced electronic bond trading platform.

The platform aims at serving financial institutions and asset managers to have strong, integrated solutions for corporate bonds, government securities (G-Secs) as well as structured instruments.

Positioned at the forefront of fintech change, Harmoney targets to make over and improve the Indian bond market by enhancing efficiency, connectivity, and transparency.

A Comprehensive Trading Solution

Harmoney’s customers include mutual funds, broker-dealers, organized bond placement programs (OBPPs), and wealth managers.

By aggregating the market activity on the platform Harmoney gives real-time access to multiple fixed-income markets for better connection and trade execution.

In addition, it enables users to seamlessly connect with exchanges back offices systems portfolio management software thus simplifying the trading process while promoting operational efficiency.

DART by Harmoney: A Single-Screen Solution

The other key offering from Harmoney is DART – Digital Asset Real-Time Trading– its proprietary trading tool.

DART helps streamline the experience of trading by lumping together various trading capabilities onto a single screen.

Notably, some of these include live quotes from market participants inventory management as well as automating post-trade processes such as settlement instruction generation all geared towards speeding up & improving accuracy in bond trading.

Data-Driven Insights

Accuracy and coverage are highly regarded qualities by Harmoney with respect to data.

There is a library of resources available such as a comprehensive database on listed bonds; cashflow analysis for bonds; pricing tools; and real-time & historical trade details.

Such abundant factual information equips traders with the understanding that they need so that they can make informed choices while optimizing their trades.

Commitment to Security and Compliance

Data security remains a top priority at Harmoney not only does it follow SEBI guidelines but also leads industry practices.

Consequently, every transaction on the platform is safe and in line with regulations.

Mission and Vision

The digital transformation of bond market infrastructure, to make it more efficient, transparent, and accessible, is what Harmoney aims to achieve.

Through cutting-edge technologies, Harmoney hopes to build an open and interconnected bond trading ecosystem that serves all participants.

However, located at Jai Villa, Dev Shakti, Tilak Road, Santacruz (W), Mumbai; Harmoney remains a place where innovation thrives thereby driving growth in the Indian debt capital market.

The company has maintained its commitment to providing unmatched service and support as it scales up the business while ensuring a supreme bond trading experience for clients.

Edited By Annette George