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Google's Game-Changing AI Tools for Advertisers

  • Google has introduced AI-powered tools that generate product images based on descriptions and themes.
  • Alongside AI innovations, Google has introduced updates for merchants, including a "small business" attribute to help customers identify small businesses.
  • It has facilitated more than 2.3 billion connections to U.S. businesses every month in 2022.

It's an era of updates for technologies. Recently, Amazon introduced a new tool that uses AI to create images for advertisers. These images are based on product descriptions and themes. 

Similarly, Google is introducing AI tools for advertisers in the U.S. These tools, called Product Studio, use AI to generate product images. Merchants and advertisers can create new product imagery for free by typing in a prompt of the desired image.

It can function on simpler to complex tasks. The feature can alter the background color behind the product images or make it a solid color. Alternatively, it can be used for more advanced purposes, like requesting a specific scene to showcase a product. 

Engaging Interface for product editing

The AI feature was introduced with other new updates for merchants. These updates include a "small business" attribute for Google Search and Maps. This attribute helps customers identify brands that have identified themselves as small businesses.

The feature is now accessible to all Merchant Center Next users in the U.S. and the Google and YouTube app on Shopify, according to Google. Google will display additional details to customers searching for merchant names on Search. 

Google noted that the panel has facilitated more than 2.3 billion connections to U.S. businesses every month in 2022, including calls, bookings, reviews, and requests for directions. The new panel will be launched this month.

Isn't it exciting to have such technological advancement for the advertisers and make the interface enjoyable?

Edited by Shruti Thapa