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GiveMeTap: Revolutionizing Sustainability in Drinking Water

  • GiveMeTap, founded by Edwin Broni-Mensah, merges personal hydration goals with a mission to provide clean water to African communities.
  • Each bottle sold provides five years of clean drinking water to someone in Africa, funded by 20% of revenue.
  • With over 800 participating establishments, it promotes sustainability by offering free tap water refills, reducing plastic waste.

In the vast landscape of environmental sustainability, few endeavors stand out as vividly as GiveMeTap. This innovative startup has redefined the concept of reusable water bottles, intertwining personal health goals with a noble mission to provide clean drinking water to communities in need across Africa.

Founded by Edwin Broni-Mensah, it emerged from a simple yet impactful idea that has since blossomed into a global movement.

The Cool Science Project

Imagine five years ago, Edwin was singularly focused on sculpting a six-pack, a fitness goal that drove him to increase his water consumption. However, the quest for free tap water led him to a stark realization of the challenges faced by communities in Africa, where access to clean water is a daily struggle.

Inspired by his father's stories of water scarcity in Ghana, Edwin embarked on a new journey. He envisioned a solution where selling reusable bottles could fund clean water projects in Africa. Thus, GiveMeTap was born, alongside The Water Network, a platform connecting tap-friendly establishments for free refills.

This ingenious model not only promotes sustainable water consumption but also directly funds water projects in African communities, bridging the gap between personal health and global impact. (Source: GiveMeTap)

A bottle with impact

The impact of GiveMeTap's bottles extends far beyond personal hydration. Each bottle sold provides clean drinking water to someone in Africa for five years.

This direct impact is made possible by donating 20% of revenue to NGO partners, ensuring that every purchase contributes to tangible change. (Source: GiveMeTap)

A refill revolution

Plastic waste is a pressing global concern, with billions of bottles ending up in landfills annually. GiveMeTap addresses this by promoting easy access to tap water through its Water Network.

With over 800 participating establishments, individuals can refill their bottles for free, reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainable practices. (Source: GiveMeTap)

The journey begins with you

When you purchase a GiveMeTap bottle, you become part of a larger mission. Your contribution not only provides clean water to those in need but also supports communities in becoming self-reliant by training them in pump maintenance.

Why we give back

GiveMeTap's mission is rooted in the belief that clean water should be a basic human right. With over 663 million people lacking access to clean water, the need for action is urgent (Source: GiveMeTap).

By collaborating with effective NGOs, GiveMeTap aims to be part of the solution, providing access to clean water and changing lives.


In conclusion, GiveMeTap exemplifies the power of innovation in addressing global challenges. By marrying personal wellness with social responsibility, Edwin Broni-Mensah and GiveMeTap have created a platform that not only hydrates but also sustains.

As we raise our bottles in support, let us remember that every refill signifies hope, sustainability, and a better future for all.

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Edited by Shruti Thapa