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FundersClub: The Unrivaled Party Host of the Startup World

  • Founded in 2012 by Alex Mittal and Boris Silver, it connects investors and founders globally.
  • Less than 2% of startups make it through FundersClub's rigorous vetting process.
  • With 35,000+ investors, and 790+ founders, it offers support beyond funding, shaping the future of startups.


Picture this: You're at a spectacular party, surrounded by brilliant minds, innovative ideas, and a sense of limitless potential. Now, replace this mental image with FundersClub, the ultimate party host of the startup world.

Founded in 2012 by the dynamic duo, Alex Mittal and Boris Silver, FundersClub isn't just your typical venture capital firm; it's the unrivaled host connecting investors and founders to the most promising startups globally.

The story you may ask?

Every great party has an origin story, and FundersClub is no exception. Alex Mittal, a seasoned startup founder and investor, joined forces with Boris Silver to create a platform that revolutionized startup funding.

Their vision was clear—to discover, fund, and support the world's most promising startups. Like the hosts who meticulously plan every detail of a party, Alex and Boris set out to create an environment where startups could thrive.

Curating the guest list:

Just like a discerning party host, FundersClub doesn't invite anyone and everyone to the startup fiesta.

The team employs a meticulous process to curate the guest list, sourcing opportunities through direct relationships, investor referrals, and partnerships with top incubators.

The exclusivity is real—less than 2% of the startups make it through FundersClub's rigorous vetting process.

Data-driven decision-making:

Picture FundersClub as the DJ at this startup soiree, making seamless transitions between startups based on data-driven decisions. Leveraging software to scale its deal scout network, FundersClub ensures that every startup on the dance floor meets the criteria for a successful venture.

Investing in the right beats:

The Investment Committee, FundersClub's version of party planners, conducts thorough due diligence to ensure startups align with their high standards.

A panel of 270+ startup professionals acts as the dance judges, providing valuable feedback before FundersClub decides to invest.

This collaborative effort ensures that only the startups with the right moves get a spot on the dance floor.

Building a strong community:

A great party is all about the people, and FundersClub boasts a community of over 35,000 investors and 790+ founders from 70+ countries. It's a global gathering where everyone contributes to the vibrancy of the ecosystem.

The networking opportunities extend beyond online connections, with offline events that mirror intimate meetups at exclusive party venues.

Support beyond the dance floor:

FundersClub isn't just about funding; they are the supportive friend who stays by your side throughout the startup journey. From hands-on support to providing bots, apps, and content, they equip founders with the tools to navigate the complex dance of entrepreneurship.

In the vast landscape of startup funding, FundersClub stands out as the ultimate party host, carefully curating the guest list, playing the right beats, and ensuring everyone has a chance to shine on the dance floor.

Their commitment to supporting startups goes beyond financial backing; it's a holistic approach that mirrors the care and attention of a meticulous party host.

So, as you step into the startup party, consider FundersClub as the host that brings together investors and founders in a celebration of innovation.

In the dynamic world of startups, FundersClub isn't just hosting a party; they're shaping the future, one investment at a time. Cheers to the ultimate startup soiree!

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Edited by Shruti Thapa